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Curse of Chucky (2013) Online

Curse of Chucky (2013) Online
Original Title :
Curse of Chucky
Genre :
Movie / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Don Mancini
Cast :
Chantal Quesnelle,Fiona Dourif,Jordan Gavaris
Writer :
Don Mancini,Don Mancini
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 37min
Rating :

After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

Curse of Chucky (2013) Online

After the events of Seed of Chucky, Nica, a young woman forced to a wheelchair since birth, has to regroup her sister, Barb and her brother-in-law, Ian for a funeral after the death of her mother. While dealing with Barb, Ian, along with their 5-year-old daughter, Alice; Nica receives an odd package - a creepy doll. After people start showing up dead, the fearless Nica soon suspects that the creepy doll is much more than just a doll. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Chantal Quesnelle Chantal Quesnelle - Sarah
Fiona Dourif Fiona Dourif - Nica
Jordan Gavaris Jordan Gavaris - US EX Guy
Danielle Bisutti Danielle Bisutti - Barb
A Martinez A Martinez - Father Frank
Maitland McConnell Maitland McConnell - Jill
Brennan Elliott Brennan Elliott - Ian
Summer H. Howell Summer H. Howell - Alice (as Summer Howell)
Adam Hurtig Adam Hurtig - Officer Stanton
Darren Wall Darren Wall - Highway Cop
Will Woytowich Will Woytowich - Lead Fireman
Anne Leveille Anne Leveille - Young Nica
Kally Berard Kally Berard - Young Barb
Kyle Nobess Kyle Nobess - Young Dad
Brad Dourif Brad Dourif - Charles Lee Ray / Chucky (voice)

The actress who plays Nica, Fiona Dourif is the real life daughter of Brad Dourif, who provides the voice of Chucky.

The knife Charles Lee Ray uses during the flashback sequence is the same knife Chucky uses throughout the first Child's Play movie.

According to Brad Dourif, he had to wear a wig and massive amounts of make up to make him look like he did in the original Vaiko zaidimas (1988) movie. Lighting was also a huge factor.

Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky) recorded all of his lines in less than a day.

This film was shot in 30 days.

First film in the series to have Charles Lee Ray in it since the original Vaiko zaidimas (1988) movie.

First film in the series to be a direct-to-video-release.

The longest time in the series before Brad Dourif (As Chucky) speaks his first lines (44 minutes)

With a runtime of 97 minutes, it is the longest film in the series.

Don Mancini described this film as his first real horror film as a director, since Seed of Chucky (2004) was more of a comedy in his eyes.

First film in the series to be shot digitally, and not on film.

The makers had a practical joke at a bus stop to promote the film. A billboard of the movie's poster would light up and an actor dressed as Chucky would suddenly bust through the billboard and scare whoever was nearby.

The first time Chucky tries to possess a female.

This is the first time since Child's Play 3 to show Chucky communicating with a child.

Only four of the eight of Chucky's staple scars are unearthed in the attic scene that existed from Bride of Chucky. There are three more on his head and one on his right hand.

At points during filming, Chucky's face had to be covered with tape because it legitimately scared the actress who played Alice.

The film makes references to each of the previous movies, including Tiffany, Jennifer Tilly, the military academy, the Kincaids and the Barclays.

The scene where Alice catches a glimpse of Chucky running is similar to the original Child's Play where Maggie sees the same thing.

Nica's older sister Barb's full name is revealed to be Barbie, (like another famous doll) when Nica is calling to her from the bottom of the stairs.

The elevator in the house is similar to the one in the apartment complex in the original Childs Play. Homage to first film.

Amelia Jackson-Gray and Jacinta Yelland auditioned for the role of Nica.

This film answers some questions about the background of Charles Lee Ray.

When production was first announced, Scott Patterson was strongly rumored to have a role in this film, but nothing ever surfaced.

When Nica and Jiil are discussing where the doll came from. Jill says that she doesn't care if Chucky came from the Manson family, According to Don Mancicni Chucky's full name Charles Lee Ray came from three real life killers, Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray,

Nicas father Daniel's death is only shown in a deleted scene.

The scene where Chucky locks Alice in the closet and uses the F word, Alice tells Chucky to stop cursing, which his similar to Child's Play 3 where after his attempt to possess Tyler fails Chucky says The S word and Tyler tells him to stop swearing.

Summer Howell was scared of the scarred Chucky doll so the scenes of the two together were superimposed.

Nica is the first main character of the franchise to be in a wheelchair.

Andy shoots Chucky with a 12 gauge Remington 870 pump-action shotgun.

This marks the first time that a child does not realize that Chucky is evil.

Alice is the first girl that Chucky uses and let's know of his secret, as throughout the series Chucky has only picked boys (Andy, Tyler).

Before her death Sarah was shown to be a painter and mostly painted sunflowers unknown to her daughter's, they represent a traumatic memory. During her abduction by Charles, she was surrounded by many sunflowers that he had gotten for her.

The scene where Barbie scolds Alice for swearing is similar to the original film where Karen confronts Andy after thinking he was saying something terrible about Maggie Peterson's death.

Even though she plays Nica's mother Chantel Qusiniel is only 10 years older than Fiona Dourif.

The expression of shock and horror on Sarah's face following her death indicate that Chucky revealed to Sarah that he was in fact Charles Lee Ray whom she believed to be dead.

when Barb is putting Alice to bed it is similar to the original film when Karen is putting Andy to bed.

Brad Dourif has said this is his favorite Chucky movie.

During the scene after the credits in Andy's apartment, a photo of Kyle, the woman who helps defeat Chucky from Childs Play 2, can be seen next to a certificate from the military school Andy attended in Childs Play 3 and next to that is the original photo of Andy and his mother from the first movie.

This marks the return of original protaganist Andy Barclay. Alex Vincent played Andy in Child's Play and Child's Play 2. He was featured in archive footage in Child's Play 3 as a child, but portrayed as a teenager in that film by Justin Whalin. Andy is referenced in the beginning of Bride of Chucky in a newspaper article and referenced in commentary by Chucky in Seed of Chucky.

Though not seen, Andy's mother is mentioned by Andy and it is assumed she is either married or in a relationship with Mike Norris, who is also mentioned. It is also implied that Karen got cleared between the second film and this one.

For the final scene between Chucky and Alice, Summer H. Howell was so scared of the scarred Chucky puppet, that the one without the scars had to be used. The scars were later digitally added.

The original Rated version of the film (which also serves as the TV edition) marks the only time in the entire series that Chucky is alive at the end of the movie. In all previous films Chucky was always dispatched by his adversaries in the finale. However the Unrated Cut includes an extra scene after the credits. In the post-credits scene (which is set 6 months after the canonical ending) the events are retconned and the tradition is maintained.

This movie has several moments that pay homage to the original Child's Play film one being that when Nica cuts his head off Chucky's body reassembles himself and he begins to attack again. Also the final scenes with Chucky and Alice, the scene with the police officer and Tiffany, etc.

When Jill is being electrocuted, the burning that takes place on her face is around her right eye- mirroring the damage Chucky had shown around his in the previous two films; then later in this film, when it's discovered that this "new & clean" Chucky doll has used prosthetics to cover the damage he's incurred over the film series.

After Tiffany kills Officer Stanton she says "they never learn" this is a reference to her previous killing in Bride of Chucky (1998) when Officer Bailey attempted to take a peek at Chucky's remains until Tiffany slashed his throat with her nail file.

Although Tiffany went along with Chuckys scheme to kill Sarah it is never really been shown if she knew of Chucky's infatuation/obsession with her.

User reviews



Do NOT underestimate this movie. Just because it's going straight-to-DVD does not mean it will be "another terrible sequel". This movie contains twists, gore, and so much scare, you will most likely jump out of your seat more than once. AND not only will this movie have you begging for another, this movie will PROMISE you another. Chucky has been around since the 80's but now it's time for a revamp. And while some of the Chucky models especially in this movie might look a tad awkward, this doll will eventually evolve into one of the most horrifying icons that has startled people for decades. Chucky is back, better than ever, and one hell of a killer doll!


Chucky was always my favorite of the many serial killers that sprouted from the 70's and 80's slasher films. Sure, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Pinhead, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger were all instrumental in my fascination and divulgence into the horror genre - but the possessed Good Guys doll by the name of Chucky was always my favorite of the tentpole franchises.

It is hard to fathom that it was 25 years ago when Chucky was first launched into our pop culture references with Child's Play. Directed to Tom Holland on a story by Don Mancini, the 1988 horror surprised most everyone with a $35 million box office gross against a paltry $9 million budget.

Sequels ensued with Child's Play 2 (1990), Child's Play 3 (1991), Bride of Chucky (1998) and Seed of Chucky (2004). Through each film, the horror seemed lessened by the increasing use of black humor scattered amongst the bloodshed.

This is not to suggest that the Child's Play franchise lost its way, but it did veer off the original path. This deviation was not lost of creator Don Mancini who takes charge behind the camera for Curse of Chucky now available on VOD.

In this sixth edition of the evil doll's murderous exploits, Chucky is shipped from a police evidence lockup to a home of a young woman, Nica, confined to a wheelchair since birth. Chucky's first victim alienates the young woman and when other family and friends arrive at the house to comfort Nica, it allows for a higher body count and a night of mayhem. Nica is able to put the pieces together to eventually figure the doll at the centre of the bloodshed, but her limited mobility will be both a benefit and a hindrance on her ultimate survival.

We've come a long way since 1988 and Mancini has more digital tricks up his sleeve to bring the doll to life. Some might balk at the idea of a CGI motioned doll, but take our word for it, the added computer detail only adds to Chucky's evil looks. There are a few scenes where our villain gets to show real emotion using his rubber face and it is the technology that a lot of horror enthusiasts despise that is at the root of the improvements.

Mancini did go back to the roots with the story that focuses more on the development of the horror rather than the slapstick funduggery that overly consumed Bride and Seed of Chucky. Replacing much of the pop culture referencing in-jokes are some tense moments of horror and some valued kills that value quality over quantity.

Curse of Chucky goes places unexpected for a fifth sequel and it betters any of the films that preceded it in the series. Chucky is meaner, nastier and more patient which allows for better horror. There are some good scares in Curse and Chucky's evil might never have been better punctuated on screen. A solid story – one with flashback ties that support Chucky's choice of family terrorizing and some after the credit scenes that tie in the rest of the series – compliments the action and sets the stage for what we hope is the continuation of the franchise.



Often pushed to a second tier among other iconic horror franchises like Friday the 13th, Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, the murderous misadventures of Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray have been just as persistent and influential as those other game changing series. But Chucky, so too like Jason, Freddy and Michael, these characters have had their fare share of missteps in terms of quality, and in many cases saw their franchises descend into unintentional self parody.

The Child's Play saga has seen a similar trajectory, with the 1988 original still standing as a horror classic, it's immediate predecessor coming off as passable but more or less a carbon copy and the third as a junky, bland mess. After a seven year hiatus, the surprisingly satirical Bride of Chucky arrived along with a perfect Jennifer Tilly as Chucky's partner in slaughter. Things again took a turn for the worse in Seed of Chucky which aimed to amp up the camp of Bride but it came off as a grating and, ironically, childish.

Almost 25 years on we now get Curse of Chucky, a direct to home video instalment – a rather unceremonious release which certainly did not instil confidence in this horror fan. Well, you can consider my mouth shut as this is not only a strong, well crafted fright flick, it's easily among the franchise's best entries. Curse of Chucky takes the more gruesome elements that worked so well early on, some of the parodic flare of Bride and then even goes on to subvert horror norms and cliché. This is a film that knows firmly where it stands and the expectations of its audience and uses those preconceived notions to surprise in a number of ways.

The biggest and most pleasant realization I made from the onset is how well crafted Curse of Chucky is, from the art direction that brings life to your typical isolated home (at which our bloody events can transpire) the composition of shots which expertly use every angle in the book to bring complexity to the carnage and its generally polished look. It certainly doesn't bare any resemblance to most home video fare that looks as if it were shot in somebody's basement. But the accomplished aesthetics only serve as the launching point for some clever prods at the genre, some fun kills and a thorough grasp on its own franchise roots.

One of the things Curse of Chucky is finally able to figure out is how to present an adult protagonist that would believably be in peril when facing off with a pint sized doll. Our heroine comes in the form of Fiona Dourif, daughter of Chucky's voice, the iconic Brad Dourif (whose cackling laugh still brings a weird smile to my face after all these years). Daughter Dourif's Nica you see is confined to a wheelchair, putting her quite literally on even ground when the climax rolls around. There is a young girl about, who serves as the vessel through which Chucky's evil rumblings are heard, but this is more about Nica, and it all works rather well. In the end, it really comes as no surprise that this entry is penned and directed by Don Mancini who has written every entry in the Child's Play franchise. Even though he is so close to the series and its central character, he has clearly taken the time to step back and re-approach his baby in new ways. It's not something you see too often from someone who has been involved with something for so long.

Then we get the funny, subversive elements to the story which plays against our expectations, such as the role of a promiscuous nanny, who gets the knife and when and fake-out scares and potential deaths. Constructed in the way it is, Curse of Chucky should easily please fans of the franchise but also win over general fans of horror who are tired of seeing cookie cutter productions. There are certainly conventional elements at play, but it's all pulled off with a great deal of flare.

As for Dourif's Chucky, he's as vulgar, funny and creepy as ever, and even when delivering more simplistic lines reminds us why the character has persisted. There will certainly be some who will overlook the more clever elements of Curse of Chucky and hone in on what remains ordinary, but for me it was time well spent and easily introduces a new spark to the franchise and shows there is life yet in everyone's favourite killer doll.


This is my first review on IMDb so I hope you like it. I thoroughly enjoyed Curse of Chucky. It shied away from the slapstick goofiness of the last two Chucky titles. It doesn't take itself too seriously either though. There are a few good laughs but nothing that takes away from the horror aspect of the film. I rated it a 10/10 because I think a 5.9 rating is a little low and I'd like to see this film get the recognition it deserves because I for one would love to see at least one more Chucky film like this one. It was refreshing and the best one since the first two. If I have anything to complain over it might have been to have Chucky speak a little more speaking parts in it. But I still really enjoyed how they did it. Long live Chucky! Long live 80's horror flicks.


The depressed Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle) lives with her disabled daughter Nica (Fiona Dourif), who is stuck in a wheelchair since she was born, in an isolated old house. Sarah receives a package with the creepy red- haired doll Chucky and she throws it in the garbage. But during the night she is found dead and Chucky is sat on a chair in the living room.

Nica's sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) attends the funeral with her estranged husband Ian (Brennan Elliott); their little daughter Alice (Summer Howell); the nanny Jill (Maitland McConnell) and her friend Father Frank (A Martinez). Along the night, there are mysterious deaths and Nica discovers that the package was sent from the evidence depositary. She also researches the Internet and suspects that Chucky might be behind the murders.

"Curse of Chucky" is a great return of the franchise with a sinister history of Chucky. The cinematography and the camera work are top-notch and the plot is well developed. Wait until the end of the credits since the movie continues with a long scene; in the end, "play with this"! My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "A Maldição de Chucky" ("The Curse of Chucky")


A family gather together for a funeral, only a killer doll has an old score to settle; and blood & mayhem ensue.

Opening in a creepy large house (with its own Diamonds are Forever type lift), a mysterious death occurs in the first few minutes after a revamped 'Good Guy' doll is delivered. From the outset there's an updated excellently designed Chucky doll and Joseph Loduca's melodic eerie music score which sets the tone.

There's plenty of atmosphere in this installment from series veteran Don Mancini, with Curse sharing much with the Psycho films in design and pace. Brad Dourif again voices Chucky. The great one liners are fewer, a bit more poignant and cutting. There's a few relationship surprises and story twists. Web-cam moment, stitches reveal and closing are particularly memorable, also there's a great scene after the credits.

Some of the cast are debatably too polished, nevertheless, the horror elements are there and include the original mix of Nanny, young child and a killer doll. The child actor Summer H. Howell is strong and wheelchair bound Fiona Douif (daughter of Brad) is notable as Nica.

Many scenes are effective with inbuilt tension and jump scares, notably the shower encounter and dinner gathering. With lingering camera movements and interesting angles, Mancini also leaves plenty to the imagination as some of the set ups take place off screen, that said there are lots of effects, blood and gore on display - decapitation, an electrocution, an empty eyeball socket and an axe attack to name a few.

There are lots of nice touches that are fitting to the modern Chucky doll, that mirror today's toys, making him all the more menacing when he comes to 'life'. Pupils dilate, his eyes are bloodshot, walking and running - Chucky is back better, creepier and badder than before. For die hard Child's Play fans Dourif appears briefly in his serial killer Charles Lee Ray guise, some old photos and newspaper clippings feature Andy and scene's link direct to the first outing.

What the production has saved on the lack of locations, to it's credit, the money has been put into the excellent special effects. Mancini returns it to its Child's Play roots while making references to the rest of the series including a great cameo from one of it's most colourful characters.

It delivers with its back to horror basics approach, updated effects, Mancini's Hitchcockian execution and links to its previous counterparts. With this in mind Curse of Chucky is less likely to date than some of its predecessors. Recommended.


When Nica (Fiona Dourif) and her mother Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle) receive a package containing a doll named Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif), they immediately think there is a mistake. After Chucky's arrival, Nica's mother is later found dead. Thinking it was a suicide, Nica's sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti), Barb's husband Ian (Brennan Elliot), their daughter Alice (Summer H. Howell), and Alice's nanny Jill (Maitland McConnell) come to her aid and for the funeral. Nica gives Chucky to Alice as a gift. However, as the night progresses, mysterious things begin to happen, and Nica thinks Chucky is behind it. In a race against time, Nica tries to piece together the mystery of Chucky and save her family. Chucky is back, and he's ready to bring things full circle.

The fifth sequel in the Child's Play series comes to us Straight to DVD. Though the production value clearly shows it should have been a theatrical release. It also directed by the director of the previous films Don Mancini. Curse of Chucky takes a break from the constant humor of Chucky and brings him back to being more menacing and frightening. Without giving too much away, the script for Curse of Chucky really does bring things full circle for the series. Brad Dourif as always delivers his voice talents for Chucky. Dourif real life daughter, plays the lead Nica, and I must say she gives quite the performance in this, especially in the final act. Apart from the Dourif family, the rest of the acting, while not bad, wasn't exactly impressive. It has some very nice-looking kills, but some of the kills in the previous entries were a bit more superior. What really makes Curse one of the better sequels in the series is the final act, as well as the ending, AND the post-credits scene, all of which will surely excite fans of the series. I would definitely say that Curse of Chucky is my favorite in the series after Bride of Chucky, and is definitely a gift to true fans of the films.

My rating: 8/10


It kind of annoys me that such a modest, but brilliantly executed, film like this goes STDVD when pretentious piffle like Baz Luhrman's The Great Gatsby gets sharted over every screen in America.

I got the sense that everyone involved in this movie committed 100% to making an exciting piece of clever and entertaining genre filmmaking. The lighting, production design and music were fantastic and the cast equally superb. Fiona Dourif is an impressive new scream-queen/final-girl and Danielle Bisutti did a wonderful job as the somewhat-sympathetic bitch.

I very much doubt that Don Mancini will be winning a Director's Oscar any time soon, but IMHO he ranks higher than many of the past winners because I feel he believes in value-for-money entertainment - and some of those fancy directors could learn a lesson from him.


Curse of Chucky is better than most horror movies that get a theatrical run. The staging is rather small, with a small unknown cast and a limited location, but they make the absolute best of everything they have. Brad Dourif, the original director, and another important cast member from parts 4 and 5 appear; and this movie actually seems like a return to the formula of the original movies, using some of the surprise and humor of the last two. A woman caring for a disabled daughter, and living in a lovely Gothic mansion, receives the Chucky doll anonymously. After being quickly dispatched, the rest of the family arrives to take over the estate from the daughter. Among them is a little girl, who adopts the Chucky doll. The parents of the girl seem to have ulterior motives and a strange relationship with their babysitter, which is later revealed as a pleasant and humorous twist. Chucky begins killing off the victims, using the creepy mansion as a great backdrop. The camera work is great. The suspense is good. There are some great kills. This movie does not look cheap. Its only VOD concession seems to be that it sticks to the same location over the same night, and changes settings only rarely. The last entry seems to largely avoid parts 4 and 5, although it does not erase them completely. Often, horror movies that deviate from formula come out disastrous, but Chucky reinvented itself as a series with Bride and Seed of. Fans of those movies may be disappointed this doesn't pick right up where they left off. Still, it's a nice surprise to go back to the pure cheesy formula horror of the first three movies. The ending, of course, leaves room for a sequel that could play off the theme of the movie, and revisit dangling threads from the earlier series. Well worth renting, streaming, buying.


This film I actually liked a lot. It is a sequel in ways and it has the original actors from the original films in it too, which is a total bonus. The movie links all the other Chucky movies together in its plot. I was watching this and found myself flashing back to when I saw the original movie, I had fun watching it, and I was quite surprised to how good it actually was. There are some great cameo roles in it too (not telling you who they are though). Like I said though, how it ties the other movies together is very well done. If you are a fan of the first movies, then you should like this movie just as much, I did. It has some great bloody moments, and some cringe worthy moments also. Also, keep watching after the credits, there is more to the story there. I give this film an 8 out of 10.


First off, I first saw the Bride of Chucky when I was very young but never understood it until I was older. That was my first Child's Play movie. Now going into the movie. C.O.C. is a straight to DVD movie that didn't make it to theaters due to the reception of Seed of Chucky. But does this mean that its not a movie worth watching? No. This movie is a great horror and Child's Play movie. Chucky is treated with dignity and functions as both a (semi) comedic and scary killer. Opposite to the Nightmare on Elm Street remake where they relied more on jump scares, C.O.C. realizes more on suspense which gets you to the edge of your seat constantly. And I know I'll probably get criticized for not saying this: yes, Brad Dourif's (voice of Chucky) daughter (Fiona Dourif) plays the main character in this movie. Now for the bad... The stage 2 Chucky doll of course looks weird (the doll in the trailer that everyone had questionable about), and its also your indicator that Chucky is about to do something. Another gripe of the film is the continuity connection. *** SPOILERS: Jennifer Tilly is back, but as Tiff not as herself; this questionable because Chucky lists the families he's messed with and he says "... the Tillys." And Chucky isn't killed by his head being knocked off, but functions like if you knock a regular doll's head off. *** So on conclusion, C.O.C. is a good horror film and Chucky film but needs work on its continuity.

P.S.: Buy the Blu-Ray, you'll see an old familiar face that you haven't see in years.


Curse Of Chucky (2013), directed by Don Mancini. 95 minutes (unrated cut: 97 minutes)


Proving that you just can't keep a Good Guy down, everyone's favorite homicidal maniac-trapped-inside-of-a-doll, Chucky (voiced by the indispensable Brad Dourif), has returned for more shenanigans in "Curse Of Chucky." This time he's landed in the lap of wheelchair-bound Nica (Fiona Dourif), herself hosting a houseful of grief-stricken family members. In an all-too-familiar fashion, members of her family start mysteriously dying in a variety of grisly ways, casting suspicion on the little red-headed chunk of plastic in the corner with a vacant stare and an inexplicable grin splashed across his face. As the clock winds down and the body count rises, Nica is in for a number of surprises, as are fans of the "Child's Play" franchise. Friends 'til the end indeed.

Writing and Directing:

In the wake of 2004's ultra-meta "Seed Of Chucky," writer/director Don Mancini keeps the plot clean and clutter-free with "Curse," letting the tension and bloodshed do most of the speaking. To that end, the film is more horror than comedy, calling back to the Tom Holland-helmed cult-classic that made us all so paranoid of Cabbage Patch Kids and their ilk 25 years ago (!). Mancini, who has written every single on of these films to date (and directed "Seed"), has his finger firmly on the pulse of what his fanbase wants and delivers in spades. You want a more stripped-down flick where Chucky returns to his patented brand of sneaky slaughter? You got it. Do you want references and call-backs to film's past that will put a smile on your face? You get that too. Just make sure you watch the WHOLE feature. Franchise politics aside, Mancini does an excellent job of squeezing as much atmosphere out of his set-pieces as possible with a limited budget. The film looks and feels like a theatrical release, when it was clearly intended as a direct-to-video affair from the get-go.


Fiona Dourif is a revelation as Nica. A regular chip off the old block, Fiona resembles her dad not only on the surface, but also in her ability to effortlessly pull off a complex character with limited means. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her in the future. The man himself, Brad Dourif, gets a significant amount of screen-time not as Chucky (who barely utters a line until half-way through the movie) but as Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler from way-back. We are treated to a great deal of flashbacks that wrap around nicely with the franchise's origins, and not only does Dourif still look the part, he gleefully embodies the role with all the necessary venom and vigor. The rest of the cast is serviceable if forgettable by comparison, barring a few 11th hour cameos that will have any fanboy (or girl) clamoring for more.


Joseph LoDuca's score works well for the most part, but can get a bit cumbersome in its final act. It's a far cry from the Graeme Revell and Pino Dinaggio works of yesteryear (or even the heavy metal assault of "Bride Of Chucky"), but it gets the job done.

The Bottom Line(s):

"Curse Of Chucky" is, in many ways, everything a fan could want from a sixth "Child's Play" flick. Mancini knows this franchise better than anyone else, so trust that you are in good hands. Relax, close your blinds and put your toys away. Chucky's back.

Lesson Learned:

Never accept large parcels with no return-address, lest you be supplied with a shotgun and plenty of ammunition.


From the first couple of minutes it's easy to tell that Don Mancini is treating Curse more as a horror film than the previous couple of entries in the series. The movie is shot and edited to build suspense and is a world apart from the sitcom trappings of Seed.

A girl in a wheelchair (Brad Dourif's hot daughter Fiona) living in a rural home with her troubled mother receives a mysterious package one afternoon. It's Chucky, and he's somehow managed to get himself in the mail again. He's arrived to settle a score, and soon enough he has brainwashed a child into keeping his secret and is sneaking about in the shadows offing unsuspecting victims.

Many people are saying that this movie is a return to form, and that it retcons Bride and Seed out of existence. Er...no, the film very much DOES acknowledge the events of Bride and Seed. Even if you paid the bare minimum of attention it would be hard to not to realize this. But I guess that expecting the movie to go in a different direction only led to further surprises when it eventually did tie in to the previous movies as well as giving us more back-story to Charles Lee Ray.

I was worried that Chucky would be all CGI as Kevin Yagher has not been involved with the series since Bride, and while there IS some CGI, he's anamatronic for the most part. Instead of hogging the camera though he keeps quiet watches the humans interact for about half the movie before unleashing toy terror. Horror composer Joseph LoDuca delivers a pastiche of the Renzetti, Revell, and Donaggio's efforts without giving Curse a signature sound of its own. Not really a complaint, but more of a missed chance.

It's certainly a worthy sequel and a can be viewed as a genuine horror film without any of the guilty pleasure of Seed. Keep watching to the end of the credits for a further surprise that ties the series together even more (though it does contradict the closing scene before the credits actually roll).


This latest installment in the series is the worst of them all. Basically this is a movie that is just unnecessary. The story is pretty bad, boring and lame. Also the pace is very slow, making for a unpleasant viewing experience. Chucky behaves downright idiotic and gone are the moments of humor. The kills are not very original and CGI is obvious. We even see Chucky running and walking, all thanks to the help of some bad CGI. The plot is full of holes. Chucky has his sights set on a little girl, but at some point in the movie she just disappears. He has her hidden somewhere we are left to wonder, but hey there she is at the end all of a sudden, but in a totally different location. Chucky takes over her body, but a scene after the credits shows him, in his doll body, trying to kill Andy. So I guess he didn't take over her body.....I'm confused. I wish I didn't watch this movie, one and a half hours of my life I can't get back. Avoid this and watch one of the older movies.


Being afraid of Child's Play as a child, I grew up loving and being a big fan of the franchise. This movie feels like it's played in two different parts.

The first half is for the people who love the original three films. You get the non scarred Chucky. Always hiding behind corners and running across doorways. The face isn't of the doll isn't exactly what remembered but it all makes sense later in the movie. The suspense is good. The kills are nice. It really makes you feel like you're watching the originals. When Alice is first under the sheets with Chucky and he speaks, I had to go back and watch it again I love it so much.

The second half of the movie feels like it's playing more for the Bride and Seed fans. It reveals that Chucky had a mask over his scarred face (which makes sense why the face looks different in the beginning the other other films). I have to agree with everyone else that when he walks down the stairs in that first scene as scarred it looked pretty bad. But with a straight to DVD release you have to look past stuff like that. It has a few one liners, nothing near like Bride or Seed.

I loved the flashbacks and connecting the original with this film. I love when they give you a little more information on something you already know. The flashbacks alone made me a happy Chucky fan.

The music also played a huge part in why I enjoyed this film. The opening music as it circles Chucky on the chair, amazing. If you listen closely you can even catch glimpses of the original Child's Play music in there.

Jennifer Tilly's cameo is more on the Bride and Seed vibe, but that makes sense because that's the two she was in. You definitely get homages to Bride in these last scenes.

The last scene with Alice kind of leaves things up for your own speculation which I like. I have my own thoughts of what actually happened.

The acting was great except for Danielle Bisutti. I understand you're supposed to hate the character, but I was hating the actress playing the character. I thought she was horrible. Fiona Dourif was great. Like father like daughter. Some of the shots were a bit over acted, and some of the dialogue have you rolling your eyes a little. But over all great acting on everybody's part.

Finally the very very last scene, post credits. I found that to be the ultimate nod to the fans. Besides the flashback this is the only other thing that really connects the first and last film. Yes Alex Vincent isn't amazing, but who cares. It's the fact that he's playing Andy. Plus you have his mom on the phone and he asks about Mike. Pictures of Kyle, and the original picture of him and his mom. The line he delivers to Chucky wasn't the best, but who cares.

A good Chucky film for true Chucky fans. Great job Don.


This movie was excellent. Don Mancini takes us back to his moody, dark, original creation. I love how this film shows more of Charles Lee Rays history. What's worse than a serial killer? A serial killer that has a serious grudge. I would like to see more technology brought in to allow Chucky the freedom to run around more. The directing and puppetry in this film were PERFECT like the first film however you still feel a small sense of reserve showing chucky full fledge run from a wide angle shot. The "can't see what's hunting you" element is creepy however we know what chucky looks like now so let the big guy SHINE with more agility. CGI works great if you use it correctly and it seems like if you had the right people doing it chucky could look as good as yoda did in clones and sith. Anyways, BRAVO to Don Mancini for a really good time and bringing the creepy back to child's play.


The Spoiler tag is there just for some details that in my opinion don't give away the plot nor damage a first time watch if you read this review.

This movie is a straight to DVD/BR but don't let that fool you because thanks to the team behind it, it doesn't look cheap nor rushed, in fact the balanced usage of the money at hand is one of this movie's highlights (It relies heavily on practical effects and the little CGI used looks pretty good).

Story-wise, it's a mixed bag as what initially proved to be the saving grace turns into the bag of stones that drag it to the bottom towards the end: the movie takes place after the initial trilogy and right before the awful Bride and Seed so it's enjoyable to try and guess how it ties to the first three movies (even if it's a long shot, it's still plausible) right until the end when (for the love of God i wonder why) they can't help themselves and link it to the rest of the sequels. Apart from this inconvenience it's still a decent sequel, closer to the original in mood, kills and overall atmosphere. Gore-hounds will be disappointed, even the Unrated version is mild in comparison to other titles (even compared to the sequels) but like i said, the movie is closer to "Child's Play" not to "X of Chucky". The movie looks good and there are a few instances of very smart usage of camera angles and lightning that put this one above the usual "straight to DVD" offerings. Unfortunately even if as a whole the movie stays away from over-used slasher film shenanigans there are a few inconsistencies that might pull you out of the movie making you wonder "why the hell did you had to use that when you kept it anchored in reality so far?"

Acting-wise Fiona Dourif is great and has a very likable screen presence making her character believable all the way till the end and the few scenes Brad Dourif appears in are played in tune with the Charles Lee Ray we know from the original. The rest of the cast, while not bad, are just decently played cannon fodder bordering on stereotypical characters.

As a conclusion, while the intention is applaudable, honestly i think it's a shame that they tried to satisfy both the older and the new fans. Fans of the original "Child's Play" trilogy will like this one right up until the end when they'll realize it actually links to the dreaded campy sequels and fans of the "of Chucky" sequels will find it dragging, boring, lacking gore, anticlimactic and i don't think the ending segment that ties it to the newer movies will be enough for them.

Still, and enjoyable watch and a good effort considering how much it feels like the older movies.

PS: there is a scene after the credits so make sure you don't miss it. The good part? it's well executed and it's hilarious. The bad part? it kind of negates the ending prior to the credits.


They did everything right this time. I am a long time fan of this series, child's play 3 was my favorite one before this. Seed of chucky was a disaster. Now you know where I am coming from here.

To see someone finally make a sequel to something these days is refreshing. It's all remakes and reboots and garbage. They nailed the pacing and tone. The quick funny moments were spot on. To the people complaining about the story, it's a horror movie you dopes! It doesn't need a real story. The "story" is told through the characters interactions with chucky and it doesn't disappoint at all.

The entire time I was watching it I enjoyed myself, it kept getting better and better. If you are the kind of person that intensely picks apart movies then this movie isn't for you in the first place. This was made to entertain fans of the series and to give chucky a fitting end, instead of the complete trash that was seed of chucky.

If you liked the first 3 child's play movies, you will LOVE this! That's all there is to say about that.


I've been a fan of the Child's Play franchise more or less since birth, and why people are praising this installment baffles me. People keep saying it went "back to its roots". How? First off it completely bastardized the sociopath serial killer we've all grown to love as being a obsessive home-wrecker with an admiration for ..flowers. Watching this movie completely takes away from the previous films - if you chose to consider it (I won't). Also this is the first movie in the franchise to show any on screen nudity (that wasn't a doll) - how is that "back to its roots"? Honestly, I think it's safe to guess that anybody praising this film hasn't watched a Chucky movie in a good decade, or care that much, but as a life long fan, this was sickening. The scene after the credits is proof enough that Mancini just wanted to give the fans what they've been asking for. Unfortunately fans don't write good movies, and this is proof. I am a true fan pleading, PLEASE GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS (making fun unique movies). I'm sorry, but Curse Of Chucky is a pointless installment in the franchise and I am glad that it was straight to DVD because hopefully that will make it that much more forgettable.


no words are good enough to describe how bad this 6th part of the series is, if you thought seed of chucky was bad, don't come near this one...

I hate these kind of modern horror movies where you can predict how the movie is going to go, all characters have a common IQ of 90, so every one of those dumb asses is gonna do what any rationally thinking human would not do...

Also i miss the dark humor in this chapter, even in the first chapter there were signs of it, but here it's just awful...

it could've been a much better movie if there was the same effort put in the script as in camera, lighting and special effects...

sad to say this chapter only gets a 2 out of 10....


I am really excited, especially because this is a major improvement to the recent output of Chucky movies. This really hits the spot or mark or whatever you want to call it. Unrated version should be the one to watch obviously. The movie might not have many surprises plot wise (you know the drill, no pun intended), but it has one very funny revealing that ignited a lot of hooting in the cinema. And deservedly so! It might be gender based hollering though.

Whatever the case, the lead actress is the daughter of ... the voice of Chucky! Which is a very strange thing to do and play as you can imagine. Something she revealed in the Q&A after the movie was presented too. Very convincing, as is everyone else in the movie. There was not a moment where I felt not entertained. So I might have given the movie a point to much (a 7 would be more appropriate), but that is what happens, when a movie defies expectations and is actually exactly what it should be


<< Contains Spoilers >>

CURSE OF CHUCKY (2013) If you read my last review on SEED OF CHUCKY you know I pretty much hated that thing. BRIDE OF CHUCKY was not much better. CURSE OF CHUCKY (which you can actually REDBOX right now) however has just come out and it's freaking sensational. Everything about this movie brings back the actual horror feeling we had in the first 2 or 3 installments (apparently I wasn't the only one feeling they had mailed it in on this series). In this one Chucky has been mailed from the "Evidence Department" (the Tilly's house from SEED OF CHUCKY) to a new house that is creepy as hell. It doesn't take long before Chucky is back to his old tricks to a much darker and creeper tone than we have really ever seen him. Instead of a well known cast almost everyone in this aside from Jennifer Tilly, (the original Chucky voice and actual Charles Lee Ray and the original Andy) are mostly unknowns. Lead actress Fiona Dourif (actual real life daughter of Brad Dourif the dude who voices Chucky) does an incredible job along with the rest of the cast. I can't say enough about how I enjoyed this series finally getting back to its roots. One of the huge challenges with this film was that it had to find a way to get back to the horror levels of the originals but still tie in the entire series. Bring back the original Andy (wait for the credits to roll) and Jennifer Tilly was the icing on the cake that fans of both directions in previous films would love. Aside from Chucky going freakin berserk at the end of CHILDS PLAY 2, this newest installment (yeah and actual part VI, NOT A REBOOT), is the second best film in the entire series by hundreds of miles. Like nothing else in the series even comes close. If you find yourself asking how the cops showed up when no one had a phone or anything like that. There is a deleted scene called "burn" that covers this, but for some odd reason it was left out of both cuts of the film. For the superb casting, darker telling of the story, background provided and just sheer thought that went into this I have to give CURSE OF CHUCKY a solid 6 out of 7. Rating Definition - AMAZINGLY GOOD. This movie is more than a pleasant surprise. You will buy it. You will cry when you think about how awesome it is. If it comes on TV you will suddenly zombify and not be able to turn the channel.



This movie f***** sucks in my opinion! This movie has so many problems I think this movie is way overrated! I like the first three Child's Play films before they were called Chucky films. I easily hate this film, it has not happy ending it has so many awful crap in here.

I am not giving this movie a pass just because it try's to be scary, it is not a good movie and to me it is way to over long.

I will never understand any praise that this film got. It is the Curse Of F****. Because it f****** sucks. It's boring, it's cheap, and it has the worst kills of the entire franchise. And Chucky looks like he had some bad plastic surgery and he looks like a Barbie doll in this movie.

This movie try's to be a prequel and the same time try's to be a sequel to Child's Play and it failed. This movie is a failure to me I can't believe people like this movie I don't and I never will!!!!! So now I just hear another sequel comes of Chucky this November Cult of Chucky (2017) Mancini I am tiered of these sequels. Stop making sequel after sequel after sequel you asshole! I am tired of this movies.

I tried to root for Fiona Dourif daughter of Brad but it just didn't work out. This movie was so boring and horrible that I can't even say with words. The acting was wooden from everybody, the script and the direction was a failure.

The design for Chucky was stupid! This movie stinks, I don't care about the next sequel. No one of these characters in here are likable.

So we have now two dykes in this movie who tried to sell the house and make a sister poor really dumb idea.

How did Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) come back again and not as a doll anymore when she died twice in the last two Chucky films? I can't believe the cameo role from her copied the scene from Bride of Chucky! Tiffany slit a cop's throat, she already did that in Bride of Chucky can't this movie be original?

Don Mancini is a joke. Ruined Charles Lee Rays character with a s***** back story making him look a pussy. They swap the doll for the cgi so much even when its not needed and the dolls just sitting there. The lesbian scenes were pointless. Dons excuse for the no blood and the ridiculous cringe head coming off scene, was, "Its scarier" Don I couldn't give a s***, you can't just change the plot and cause plot holes just because you feel like. It's disgusting to the fans and honestly what's the point of even trying to show continuity through story if your going to keep changing themes.

Don is not talented asshole who should keep away from Chucky. Don didn't even really create Chucky, he originally wanted Chucky to not be real and Andy be psychotic and the killer but Tom Holland said voodoo would be scarier and be more better if the doll was doing it. So if it weren't for Tom we'd have probably got a one off film of horse sh** rather than the great trilogy we actually received.

When Don gets too much power he makes Chucky a joke and ruins any form of horror with pathetic comedy elements. For me Chucky scared me when i was 9 and I grew up adoring the movies. The fact he's spoiled the whole image of the past movies really infuriates me. But what's more cancerous is the fact it's his own creation he's raping. F*** Don Mancini.

Screw this I watch all Chucky movies, now my marathon ends. Curse of Chucky is a trash peace a s*** movie worse than Bride of Chucky. I hated Katherine Heigl in Bride of Chucky but she was at least likable and adorable in here any of the actress is not adorable they are all awful!

F 1/10 avoid this movie like a plague and another thing Child's Play 3 ended the trilogy perfectly there was no need for more awful sequels. Bride of Chucky was not needed Don Mancini did not need to make more awful sequels. Child's Play 2 had such a great happy ending this movie did not! Child's Play 1,2 and 3 are the only real good Chucky movies in my opinion. The last 3 movies are horrible f***** horrible man!

This movie has also awful cgi effects.


Curse of Chucky: the name says it all. We had a great first Child's play, a marvelous sequel, a somewhat of a dark comedy in the 3 part, a lot more comedy in the next 2 and then we have this one.

I got to say, Curse of Chucky starts great, like the first one actually, the 80's style! So overall, yeah, the intro is kickass, reminds you of the golden years, puts you in that lovely scary old theme you were used to back in the times. And after the intro, it all falls down the hill: you are "hit" with close-ups every 30 seconds or so, some very weak misleads wannabe for the "fun" of it, terrible actors, terrible doll behavior, terrible sounds and plot.

As I said, 3 minutes after the film started I was on the edge of my seat, "man oh man, finally, another great Chucky!". Boy was I wrong! This is a terrible, terrible movie, looks more like one of them sequels when everybody involved in the making of the first ones abandon the project, a complete new staff comes and make a direct-on-DVD release. I mean, we have Mancini here, we have Dourif, how could it end up SO wrong??

Anyway, sadly, you Child's play fans out there, will want to watch it, no matter what you read. I know, I would have done the same. So let me warn you folks, this will not be what you expected, it will be indeed, a complete letdown. So lower your expectations as much as possible, grab some popcorn and turn your brain off. Don't relive the good moments before pressing Play, don't remember what this series was all about, cause this one, is just bad.

Scoreboard Bleeding

Scoreboard Bleeding

is this the same universe as all the other child's play movies? i thought chucky can get hurt? that is why he has scars. in the last movie if anyone remembers he got really "hurt". haha. also there were only 2 good scenes of death and one was caused by the after effect of chucky. also, when chucky "about a size of a 2 year old" attacks no one tried to defend or fight him except the female lead? Also when u get poisoned, make sure u leave eruptly and drive away? also poison only makes u sweat? only the priest remembers old chucky stories? really? a doll maybe involved in killings and a lot of people died. also there was a laptop with video of chucky alive? i guess the police who collected all the evidence missed the laptop? and what is with the little girl and chucky? he tried to possess her? and then nothing. also the girl wasn't that young, so when a doll talks, u don't have a problem with that? and the very end after the credits was really stupid. chucky was delivered to andy. then chucky started to cut himself out of the box. how did chuck know andy wasn't looking at the box? also andy could of opened the package right away? chucky could risk all that? stupid. why didn't chucky just attack andy at night when he was sleeping?