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Aún aquí (2009) Online

Aún aquí (2009) Online
Original Title :
Aún aquí
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Andrés Useche
Cast :
Tatiana Ariza,Sergio Naranjo Velasquez,Martha Arcila Rincon
Writer :
Andrés Useche
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Aún aquí (2009) Online

" What does it mean to disappear? In "Aun Aqui;", a young activist participates in nonviolent protest. She is kidnapped and begins to fade away with each passing day. She struggles to stay connected to reality by immersing herself in her memories. Memories of how they met and their activism together are also what propel her boyfriend into action. How do we vanish or remain?. Every little bit we can do can make all the difference.
Cast overview:
Tatiana Ariza Tatiana Ariza
Sergio Naranjo Velasquez Sergio Naranjo Velasquez
Martha Arcila Rincon Martha Arcila Rincon
Juanita Garcia Juanita Garcia