» » Fram för lilla Terra (1948)

Fram för lilla Terra (1948) Online

Fram för lilla Terra (1948) Online
Original Title :
Fram för lilla Terra
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Lennart Wallén
Type :
Time :
1h 9min
Rating :
Fram för lilla Terra (1948) Online

Swedish film producer Lorens Marmstedt created Terrafilm with a group of young directors in mind, Hasse Ekman, Ingmar Bergman and Hampe Faustman. Terrafilm appeared as both the commercial and the artistic leader in Swedish film. 45 films was produced from 1938-1957. Some of the more attentive titles were "Ett Brott/A Crime)" (1940), "Flickan och Djävulen/The Girl and the Devil" (1944), "Musik i Mörker/Music in the Dark" (1948) and "Singoalla"(1949).

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Wasn't publicly released until 2015.