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Killer Piñata (2015) Online

Killer Piñata (2015) Online
Original Title :
Killer Piñata
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Stephen Tramontana
Cast :
Amelie Acevedo,Elias Acevedo,Ryan Aldrich
Writer :
Megan Macmanus,Stephen Tramontana
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 27min
Rating :
Killer Piñata (2015) Online

A possessed piñata, seeking to avenge the savagery that humanity has inflicted on his kind, picks off a group of friends, one by one, in an unending night of terror.
Credited cast:
Amelie Acevedo Amelie Acevedo - Birthday Girl
Elias Acevedo Elias Acevedo - Luke Goodman
Ryan Aldrich Ryan Aldrich - Man at Party
Lindsay Ashcroft Lindsay Ashcroft - Rosetta Stone
Nate Bryan Nate Bryan - Chad
Billy Chengary Billy Chengary - Scott
Brook Enhelder Brook Enhelder - Vicky
Elvis Garcia Elvis Garcia - Juan
Caroline Gillard Caroline Gillard - Party Goer One
Sheila Guerrero-Edmiston Sheila Guerrero-Edmiston - Gwen Goodman (as Sheila Edmiston)
Daniel Hawkes Daniel Hawkes - Martin
Melissa Genova Hill Melissa Genova Hill - Lori
Eliza-Jane Morris Eliza-Jane Morris - Lindsey Goodman (as Eliza Morris)
Davinia Palmer Davinia Palmer - Killer Piñata
Steven James Price Steven James Price - David Goodman

The movie was shot in 8 days.