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What Happens Next? (2015) Online

What Happens Next? (2015) Online
Original Title :
What Happens Next?
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Zach Bellin
Cast :
Amy Bellin,Jay Bellin,Zach Bellin
Writer :
Zach Bellin
Type :
Time :
Rating :
What Happens Next? (2015) Online

The horror comedy takes place during a party thrown by Alec and his sister Lily when their parents leave for vacation on Halloween night. The siblings and their four friends, Scott, Rosy, Aaron, and Jeana, face a series of unexplained events after a newscast reveals that a chemical with unknown side effects has leaked into the environment from a local power plant.
Credited cast:
Amy Bellin Amy Bellin - News Anchor
Jay Bellin Jay Bellin - Dad
Zach Bellin Zach Bellin - Aaron
Shelley Brown Shelley Brown - Mom
Dylan Dixon Dylan Dixon - Scott
Avery Flieder Avery Flieder - Lily
Rocio Gonzales Rocio Gonzales - Jeana
Julia Nicholson Julia Nicholson - Rosy
Ethan Paisley Ethan Paisley - Alec

Rocio, who played Jeana, was originally supposed to play a character named Brianna. The actress for Jeana quit the first day of filming so Rocio was switched to Jeana and Brianna's character was taken off.

Most of the movie's budget went into the "Punisher" costume which defaulted most of the other characters to have either even cheaper or no costumes on. Jeana's original "Frozen" costume was reduced to a t shirt with a picture on it of Elsa, and Rosy's character was intended to wear a dinosaur onesie but was changed to a milk carton due to price.