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Dark Love 2 (2014) Online

Dark Love 2 (2014) Online
Original Title :
Dark Love 2
Genre :
Movie / Short / Action
Year :
Directror :
Jamie Lee Sterritt
Cast :
David Huttley,Jamie Lee Sterritt,Darryl Sloan
Writer :
Jamie Lee Sterritt
Type :
Rating :
Dark Love 2 (2014) Online

After David's girlfriend is attacked, David and Jamie set out for revenge. Soon they are blackmailed into handing over a large sum of money which is easy enough for them. Should David and Jamie give into their demands? Or try and take out the unknown and dangerous opponents instead?
Credited cast:
David Huttley David Huttley - David
Jamie Lee Sterritt Jamie Lee Sterritt - Jamie
Darryl Sloan Darryl Sloan - Detective Alex Jackson
Adam McCaffrey Adam McCaffrey - Enemy
Clifford Baillie Clifford Baillie - Woman Beater
Lee Anne Cleland Lee Anne Cleland - Girl Attacked
Jordan Paige II Jordan Paige II - Jackson's Partner
Philippa-Jayne Sterritt Philippa-Jayne Sterritt - Officer Edwards
William Best William Best - William (archive footage)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
James Knight James Knight - James

While filming the Woodland scene were the opening of Dark Love (1) had taken place. A group of teenagers had stumbled upon the set. Jamie Lee Sterritt and David Huttley both went silent and waited several minutes for the group to leave. The teenagers had no idea that they had just walked onto a film set and everything they said was being recorded. None of them had noticed the filming equipment that had been set up. When they noticed Jamie Lee Sterritt and David Huttley they simply thought that they were admiring the sunset. Eventually Jamie Lee Sterritt discreetly packed the equipment away then left with David Huttley. They returned an hour later to finish the scene after the group had left.

William who was the main protagonist of Dark Love (1) was supposed to return to Dark Love 2 in a supporting role assisting both Jamie Lee Sterritt and David Huttley's characters. He would have appeared in majority of their scenes and the ending of this movie would set up the original film with William as the main character. However William Best returns very briefly in deleted scenes and flashbacks from Dark Love 1.

David Huttley's character died in the original script, hence why he never appeared in Dark Love 1. However Jamie Lee Sterritt kept him alive in case he decided to make Dark Love 3.

Dark Love 3 was supposed to pick up directly after the events of Dark Love 2 and take place during the events of Dark Love 1 but from the perspective of new characters with Jamie Lee Sterritt, David Huttley and Darryl Sloan returning.