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Clear the Decks (1929) Online

Clear the Decks (1929) Online
Original Title :
Clear the Decks
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Joseph Henabery
Cast :
Reginald Denny,Olive Hasbrouck,Otis Harlan
Writer :
Albert DeMond,Gladys Lehman
Type :
Rating :
Clear the Decks (1929) Online

Cast overview:
Reginald Denny Reginald Denny - Jack Armitage
Olive Hasbrouck Olive Hasbrouck - Miss Bronson
Otis Harlan Otis Harlan - Pussyfoot
Lucien Littlefield Lucien Littlefield - Plinge
Collette Merton Collette Merton - Blondie
Robert Anderson Robert Anderson - Mate
Elinor Leslie Elinor Leslie - Aunt
Brooks Benedict Brooks Benedict - Trumbull

A Jewel Production. Unlike most other major studios, Universal lacked its own theater network (a business move that would pay dividends after the 1949 Supreme Court anti-trust decision that would threaten many of it's competitors). Carl Laemmle devised a 3-tiered branding system to market Universal's product to independent theaters: Red Feather (low budget programmers), Bluebird (mainstream releases) and Jewel (prestige pictures produced in hopes of commanding higher roadshow ticket prices). This system disappeared in late 1929.

A part-talkie, this demonstrates the difficulty Carl Laemmle had in securing Fox's Movietone system throughout 1929. He would often be unable to secure the equipment for longer than a week at a time and was faced with the predicament of rushing projects or releasing them in a less marketable part-talking format at a time when the public was clamoring for talkies.