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La Bruja (2010) Online

La Bruja (2010) Online
Original Title :
La Bruja
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Pablito Greco
Cast :
La Bruja,Pablito Greco
Writer :
Pablito Greco
Budget :
Type :
Rating :
La Bruja (2010) Online

La Bruja tells the story of a witch who through her spells and the help of her magic mirror, tries to conquer the heart and soul of a man.
Credited cast:
La Bruja La Bruja - Witch
Pablito Greco Pablito Greco - Young man

User reviews

the monster

the monster

"La Bruja" is an amazing short film, regarding its cutting work and the relation between music and video.

I enjoy seeing it online cause it brings together in a wonderful way, two elements I have never see before in a film, tango dance and classic rock. So from this point of view is innovating. Who could really imagine that the above elements could in this way merge to produce something so nice.

After a lot a views I saw two things I didn't realize at the beginning that makes this film even more exciting. The use of colors and the subliminal messages.

The use of colors is careful chosen to match (I think) the natural order of the rainbow colors (!!!). So when the colors are changing during the film it feels great and normal.

I spotted two subliminal messages inside the movie that had a direct relation with a third one in the credits. I will not tell you cause it is really interesting to search them for your self.

I wish to find more interesting short films like this in the future. Cheers.


In our days we expect masterpieces to have millions of dollars budget and an Oscar-wise cast. We seem to forget that art is something totally contractive. Art for sure doesn't answer to numbers and it's definitely strong enough to conquer the souls.

"La Bruja" is a short film like no other. Fussing rock music with tango dance, colors with hidden messages, state of the art cutting and the most important: a non typical "script" or "story" if you like, this film it can be categorized as "less means quality".

Searching further the man who directed this one, I only then understood more clearly the artistic innovation behind "La Bruja". Past work did reveal many secrets.

As a mature and experienced viewer and critic of short film business, I want to be part of these kind of art, even as a reviewer.

Closing I must state that if you want art you dive beyond the flashy surface.

Thank you.