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King of Punk (2007) Online

King of Punk (2007) Online
Original Title :
King of Punk
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Kenneth van Schooten
Cast :
Hannah Alvez,Wattie Buchan,Jake Burns
Writer :
Julie van Schooten,Kenneth van Schooten
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 10min
Rating :
King of Punk (2007) Online

The 'King of Punk' documentary includes interviews with members of legendary Punk bands like the Ramones, Adicts, Exploited, Avengers, Dead Boys, UK Subs, Zeros, Wayne County & the Electric Chairs and many other artists who were involved in the Punk scene between 1976 and 1982. It also profiles OBGYN, an all-girl punk band based in Fayetteville, N.C., and Patrick Clement, owner of FNS Records. The film's title, which is based on one of OBGYN's song titles, doesn't refer to any one person. That's the whole idea of punk, is that there's no idolizing. Anybody can do it. . . everybody is the King of Punk.
Credited cast:
Hannah Alvez Hannah Alvez - Herself
Wattie Buchan Wattie Buchan - Himself - Exploited
Jake Burns Jake Burns - Himself - Stiff Little Fingers
Cheetah Chrome Cheetah Chrome - Himself - Dead Boys
Pat Clement Pat Clement
Patrick Clement Patrick Clement - Himself - FNS Records
Jayne County Jayne County - Herself
Dave Dictor Dave Dictor - MDC
Bruce Foxton Bruce Foxton - Himself - Stiff Little Fingers
Wendy Gunderson Wendy Gunderson - Herself
Tasha Hall Tasha Hall - Herself
Charlie Harper Charlie Harper - Himself - UK Subs
Penelope Houston Penelope Houston - Herself - Avengers
Joe Keithley Joe Keithley - Himself
Robert 'El Vez' López Robert 'El Vez' López - Himself

User reviews



I gave this movie a #4 rating. I couldn't stand the way the film makers portrayed modern punk and its evolution, or rather DEevolution of the punk scene and music with bands like OBGYN (poppy punk at its worse) and the Boston punk scene, which consisted of following around a typical show promoter and the mundane responsibilities of booking a show, like collecting money at the door of an afternoon punk gig. It was irrelevant and annoying. They should have stuck to the interviews with the old school punk dudes who have served their time playing gigs, touring, recording, and living the lifestyle of a "punk". Maybe the film makers didn't have enough footage therefore they had to fill it in with crap punk bands and skin head shows.....and OBGYN was probably one of the worst bands ever. thumbs down to a documentary that had so much potential but failed in the end.