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Du nu (1973) Online

Du nu (1973) Online
Original Title :
Du nu
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Meng Hua Ho
Cast :
Ping Chen,Lieh Lo,Ching Chen
Writer :
Kang Chien Chiu
Type :
Time :
1h 39min
Rating :
Du nu (1973) Online

One night a textile worker is sexually assaulted by five deviants. The young lady tries to cope with the aftermath of this dramatic event but her life is ruined.
Credited cast:
Ping Chen Ping Chen - Chu Ling
Lieh Lo Lieh Lo - Wong Ta (as Loh Lieh)
Ching Chen Ching Chen - Yang Fei Hung (as Lily Chen Ching)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Shen Chan Shen Chan - 'Atom'
Shao-Lin Chiang Shao-Lin Chiang - Gambler
Tao Chiang Tao Chiang - 'Crocodile'
Mei Sheng Fan Mei Sheng Fan - Wang Tai (as Fan Mui Sheng)
Ging Man Fung Ging Man Fung - Casino assistant #2
Ricky Hui Ricky Hui - (as Kuan-Ying Hsu)
Shiu Hung Hui Shiu Hung Hui - 'Pimp'
Ka Ting Lee Ka Ting Lee - Harassing patron #1
Sau Kei Lee Sau Kei Lee - Nightclub manager
Ke Ming Lin Ke Ming Lin - Harassing patron #2
Wen-Wei Lin Wen-Wei Lin
Han Lo Han Lo - Restroom mugging victim

'Vietnam Rose', the name of the lethal venereal disease that actress 'Chen Ping''s character contracted as a victim of a brutal gang rape by a group of thugs was also considered by Shaw Brothers to be the original English title for the feature 'Du nu' until social activists complained to the studio that the negative connotation of the title was discriminatory and reactionary towards the ethnic Vietnamese community during a time when the growing influx of war refugees populating Hong Kong en-masse after the fall of Saigon. A not too subtle message mirroring then current events where the film's elements and lurid subject matter would became an indirect metaphor for the politically charged issue of illegal immigration and anti-immigrant sentiment in the former colony. The English title for 'Du nu' would ultimately be changed to 'The Kiss of Death'.

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This is a quintessential Shaw Bros. revenge flick with Chen Ping giving a ball-busting performance as the broken and beaten factory girl who learns 'killer kung fu' in order seek retribution. Though not for the easily offended, I felt this movie's grit and gravitas was thoroughly satisfying. Lo Lieh is awesome as the crippled club owner with a soft side, and Chen Ping continues to amaze me with her body of work in everything from period chopsocky ('Vengeful Beauty') to monster movie damsel in distress ('Oily Maniac') to ( my favorite ) hellacious killing machine (as in this film and 'Sexy Killer'). Recommended to those who enjoy seeing Chen Ping stick it to the man, and not so much to those who don't see the beauty in revenge-through-castration.


Chen Ping is fiercely convincing and Lieh Lo steals every scene he's in, but Ho Meng-hua's "Kiss of Death" is not great film-making.

The "kiss of death" is the venereal disease Chen Ping catches when she is viciously gang-raped by a group of low level criminals. After learning that her VD ("Vietnam Rose") is incurable, she decides to kill her rapists and begs Lieh Lo to teach her how to do it in style.

For a sleaze pic, the set-up is perfect and the structure was borrowed for "Kill Bill". Unfortunately, the execution is not so perfect. The action scenes are jagged and unconvincing at times and director Ho Meng-hua has trouble maintaining the momentum. The film stops dead at regular intervals and takes irrelevant detours that do not add anything to the pace or wafer-thin characterization.

There is an oily subplot involving the spiking of drinks and women forced into pornography. Leads excepted, the performances are wildly uneven and over-the-top, although the sleaziest characters come across with conviction.

The film's score and "sting" sound effects perfectly compliment the style. 'Tis a pity a little more professionalism was not applied to the script and staging; several shots are also out of focus.

Recommended for sleaze fans, but best to lower your expectations. Chen Ping shined much brighter in the far superior "The Sexy Killer" ("Du Hou Mi Shi").


The Kiss of Death (1973) is straight up sleazy exploitation flick from the Shaw Brothers. One night a textile worker (Cheng Ping) is sexually assaulted by five deviants. The young lady tries to cope with the aftermath of this dramatic event but her life is ruined. Like a shattered vase, the pieces can be put back together but it'll never be the same. Cheng get's a job as a bar girl. She meets the club's owner (Lo Lieh) who was a former kung-fu fighter until he was crippled. Cheng uses her position as a B-girl to go after the losers who raped her, She soon learns from a sleazy doctor that she has contracted a dark V.D. called Viet-Nam Rose (a name used 20 years later by Maggie Cheung in the love comedy Boys Are Easy, making the gag in that movie even funnier). Crushed, she begs Lo Lieh to teach her kung-fu. At first he refuses until he learns her secret. Furious, Lo Lieh teaches her his deadly fight techniques (such as a groin crunching blow). Bizarre, depressing and sleazy is how I would describe this movie. In a strange way you can call this movie one of those flicks that "inspired" Kill Bill.

Lo Lieh is very charismatic as the broken down fighter turned club owner Wang and Cheng Ping is excellent as "The Lady From The Roof"

Highest Recommendation.


Chan Ping works in a factory, and after work one day she gets jumped by a bunch of guys (including Fan Mei Sheng, Kong Do and Chan Shen). They really have their way with her, and she is left with a sexual disease. She is haunted by her memories and wants to take revenge. She meets Lo Lieh who plays a brothel owner with a limp, and she convinces him to teach her how to fight so she can take revenge.

This is an odd movie. The director seems to be getting every underskirt shot he can capture. And there is one really weird scene where Chan Ping goes to see a gynecologist and the guy is a total sicko. The movie is well done, but I found it even more fun because of all the exploitation. There's plenty of nudity, and there's also plenty of violence. The fights are pretty good for 1973. Lo Lieh looks great, though nobody else really gets to shine. The final 8 minutes or so is where it gets really crazy. They don't focus on showing blood and guts splattering everywhere, but the violence is still pretty graphic. Highly recommended for fans of Shaw Brothers exploitation movies.