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The Atlanta Child Murders (2010) Online

The Atlanta Child Murders (2010) Online
Original Title :
The Atlanta Child Murders
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / News
Year :
Cast :
Soledad O'Brien,Bob Campbell,Mike McComas
Type :
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The Atlanta Child Murders (2010) Online

Cast overview, first billed only:
Soledad O'Brien Soledad O'Brien - Herself - Hostess
Bob Campbell Bob Campbell - Himself - Police Recruit
Mike McComas Mike McComas - Himself - FBI Agent (archive footage)
Wayne Williams Wayne Williams - Himself - Convicted Murderer
Bob Buffington Bob Buffington - Himself - Detective
Larry Peterson Larry Peterson - Himself - Forensic Scientist
Camille Bell Camille Bell - Herself - Mother of Yusef Bell
Roy Hazelwood Roy Hazelwood - Himself - FBI Profiler
John Glover John Glover - Himself - Former Atlanta FBI Chief
Malcolm Harris Malcolm Harris - Himself - Detective
Eric Hickey Eric Hickey - Himself - Psychologist
Kasim Reed Kasim Reed - Himself - Mayor of Atlanta
Kathy Andrews Kathy Andrews - Herself - Studio Co-Owner
Sheila Baltazar Sheila Baltazar - Herself - Stepmother of Patrick Baltazar
Joseph Burton Joseph Burton - Himself - Medical Examiner

User reviews

Dead Samurai

Dead Samurai

There have been many documentaries either about or which cover the Atlanta Child Murders, but this is by far the most detailed. It includes interviews with Wayne Williams himself, the 93 year old former appellate judge who wrote the dissenting opinion on his first appeal, police officers and many others, as well as much archive footage.

At the end of the programme, the viewer is asked to give his or her own verdict. The original audience verdict was guilty, 69%; innocent, 4%; not proved, 27%. Even his defence attorney gave him only a not proved.

In fact, although some of the evidence against him was tainted, the case against Williams was far stronger than is generally believed, and DNA testing – which had not of course been invented at the time – serves only to strengthen this case. It is possible that he did not murder all the victims attributed to him, but he was tried only for the murders of two adults, including his last victim. The evidence concerning at least two of the child victims looks extremely compelling, something that is brought out here.

Wayne Williams may have been the unlikeliest of suspects, but many serial killers are, witness the people who refused to believe in the guilt of Ted Bundy, or the inoffensive Dennis Nilsen – who would have believed he had not only skeletons in his cupboard but bodies in the attic?

Although it will almost certainly not end the speculation, this documentary is to all intents and purposes the final nail in the coffin of this alleged miscarriage of justice.