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Modern Imbecile's Planet World (2010) Online

Modern Imbecile's Planet World (2010) Online
Original Title :
Modern Imbecileu0027s Planet World
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Doug Manley
Cast :
Lesley Bargar Suter,Todd Berger,Dan Billips
Writer :
Doug Manley
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 10min
Rating :
Modern Imbecile's Planet World (2010) Online

Two of Hollywood's hottest stars accidentally become stranded on an alien planet brimming with unspeakable danger.
Credited cast:
Lesley Bargar Suter Lesley Bargar Suter - Chick on Dirt Bike
Todd Berger Todd Berger - Kent Youngblood Jr.
Dan Billips Dan Billips - Harry Balzach
Kevin M. Brennan Kevin M. Brennan - Kevin M Brennan (as Kevin Brennan)
Will Coleman Will Coleman
Jeff Grace Jeff Grace - Herself
Logan Hall Logan Hall - Bobby Sparks
Marcus Jones Marcus Jones
Steve Kaminski Steve Kaminski - Randy Shagg
Doug Manley Doug Manley - Doug Manley
Blaise Miller Blaise Miller - Captain Phillip Perass
Nina Millin Nina Millin - Karen Barfoot
Katie Neff Katie Neff - Rhonda Shagg
Summer Perry Summer Perry - Eve Summers
Cassandra Rivas Cassandra Rivas - Erica Kent

User reviews



It takes mad skills to fashion an absurdist buddy comedy that references, in no particular order and in some cases possibly not even intentionally (but still...), Star Trek, Waiting for Godot, Ray Romano, Planet of the Apes, the Challenger Disaster, and sketchy scatological triple-entendres. It takes, in fact, a Modern Imbecile, or two.

Funny or Die comedy outfit Modern Imbecile makes the leap from the browser to the big(ger) screen with hardly a hitch and manages to flesh out a skeletal premise with enough inspired non sequiturs to choke William Shatner. Director Doug Manley and Kevin Brennan cast themselves as two hapless television actors who believe they're stranded on a desolate planet after they inadvertently blow up the space shuttle they're riding in. They're wandering around the Mojave Desert, actually, but Manley and Brennan (the characters have the same names as the actors playing them) could be anywhere. The aimlessness of their plight borders on the existential, but trying to deconstruct the laugh lines here is even more hopeless. The point is to wander, dropping the occasional insight into the fractured, narcissistic personalities of these two clowns, while mocking the very clichés that hold the whole thing together.

That's a lot tougher than it sounds, especially when there's no straight man, but Brennan (the stocky one) and Manley (the manly one) nail it with asinine aplomb and come up with the most quotable line of the fest thus far in the process: "Ever since we got on this godforsaken rock all we've done is sweat, and bled, and vomited...the only body of food we haven't given up is our dude seed."

Why is that funny? We're still not sure we know the answer to that one, but we do know we almost choked on our Tecaté when we heard it. Comedy gold, baby, comedy gold.