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The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Call of the Void (2013– ) Online

The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Call of the Void (2013– ) Online
Original Title :
The Call of the Void
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Alister Grierson
Cast :
Craig McLachlan,Nadine Garner,Joel Tobeck
Writer :
Vicki Madden,George Adams
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Doctor Blake Mysteries The Call of the Void (2013– ) Online

The murder victim is discovered in the freezer of a restaurant kitchen. Evidently the body was there all day, as no one had occasion to enter the freezer.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Craig McLachlan Craig McLachlan - Doctor Lucien Blake
Nadine Garner Nadine Garner - Jean Beazley
Joel Tobeck Joel Tobeck - Chief Supt Matthew Lawson
Charlie Cousins Charlie Cousins - Charlie Davis
Anna McGahan Anna McGahan - Rose Anderson
Belinda McClory Belinda McClory - Alice Harvey
David Whiteley David Whiteley - Bill Hobart
Felix Nobis Felix Nobis - Henry Dent
Kate Cole Kate Cole - Barbara Cornish
Soren Jensen Soren Jensen - Wayne Robinson
Ruby Duncan Ruby Duncan - Tilly Robinson
Timothy Quabba Timothy Quabba - Ned Simmons
Andrea McCannon Andrea McCannon - Victoria
Nicole Melloy Nicole Melloy - Grace
Jean-Philippe Heon Jean-Philippe Heon - Phillipe Noah

The book Rose Anderson is reading before her conversation with Bill Hobart is part of the plot in a subsequent episode, All She Leaves Behind.

User reviews



This episode deals with several issues. One is homophobia. The other has to do with pregnancy out of wedlock. The third is the price of loyalty. Finally, searching for a murder weapon when none seems to exist. These are all part of mystery of a man frozen in an industrial freezer. We are led on a merry chase as Lucien and his cohorts sift through several suspects. Jean is becoming more and more involved in the solving of cases. She has an eye for details that Blake seems to lack at times. I really enjoyed this one.


'The Doctor Blake Mysteries' may not quite be among my favourite shows of all time, but it's a riveting series that keeps getting better and one of the better detective drama shows in recent years. It is always fascinating to see a mystery series from outside England and America, and 'The Doctor Blake Mysteries' is one of the better examples.

Unfortunately, 'The Doctor Blake Mysteries' tends to be buried within daytime television scheduling, both on the BBC when first getting into it three or so years ago and on not as much watched channel (i.e. Alibi). It also tends to be aired at a time where most people will be at school or work, for me it was during sporadic periods when not needing to go into music college. The series deserves much better than that when it has consistently been one of the better shows to be aired in the early afternoon.

"The Call of the Void" is a wonderful episode once again to Season 5. One of my favourites of the series even.

Mainly because it doesn't have the flat character of Blake's wife or marital sub-plotting distracting from the rest of the episodes that was my continual only complaint of the previous season. It also doesn't have the cold fish character of Munro, who didn't ever do much for me, that was my only major issue with Season 3, am continuing to be glad to see the back of him.

It is also wonderful to see Lawson back and Charlie has come on such a long way. The chemistry between Blake and Jean (radiantly played by Nadine Garner) and Jean herself are a continual huge part of the series' appeal

Everything was already well established and interesting very early on and it all got even better. Relationships and characters continue to deepen, the mysteries are even twistier and the pace has more lustre.

Like the rest of 'The Doctor Blake Mysteries', "The Call of the Void" is exceptionally well made. The post-war period is beautifully evoked in the sumptuous but also atmospheric settings and scenery and charming costumes and period detail. It is beautifully shot and atmospherically lit, the dark grey-ish tinge being very appropriate and adding much to the overall feel of the episode. It is scored sensitively and the haunting theme tune gets embedded in the brain, while the direction is suitably restrained.

Writing continues to be very good with the tone established very well. There is great thought-provoking dialogue that always makes the mystery elements interesting but the atmosphere doesn't ever feel too grim. The story is riveting, suspensefully written and you care about having it solved. The solution is not obvious nor is it too complicated, very neat without being too pat. The characters are well written and more than just stereotypes, Lucien Blake still has it in how fascinating a character he is.

Craig McLachlan is superb in the role as well, quite possibly his best role and certainly the best acting he's ever done. He seemed an unlikely choice at first, but the character suits him perfectly. All the acting is very good actually, and seldom if ever any less otherwise. The relationships between the characters are well worth investing in.

Concluding, wonderful. 10/10 Bethany Cox