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1 Dead Party (2013) Online

1 Dead Party (2013) Online
Original Title :
1 Dead Party
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Matty Castano
Cast :
Cameron Brexler,Bones McCoy Castano,Matty Castano
Writer :
Matty Castano,Matty Castano
Type :
Time :
1h 23min
Rating :
1 Dead Party (2013) Online

When Bobby accidentally kills his wife before a get together at their home, he stops at nothing to hide the evidence from the arriving guests, even if it means murder. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Cameron Brexler Cameron Brexler - Mike
Bones McCoy Castano Bones McCoy Castano - Paul's Dog
Matty Castano Matty Castano - Paul
James Hollis III James Hollis III - Bobby
Ellen Karsten Ellen Karsten - Martha
Nikki McKenzie Nikki McKenzie - Nancy
Katie O'Hagan Katie O'Hagan - Kim
Ramses Renwick Ramses Renwick - Dog in Phone
Mike Smiddy Smith Mike Smiddy Smith - My Koc Pizza Guy
Amber Sweet Amber Sweet - Felicia
Nicole Wyland Nicole Wyland - Holly

User reviews



Right, well this is a low budget movie in every sense of the term. Very low budget. And when that is said, it should also be said that there was a surprisingly nice production value to the movie, oddly enough.

The story is about a troubled couple whom are having friends over for a 90's theme party. But when Bobby accidentally kills his wife, he panics, hides the body and then the friends start showing up and the party is well on its way.

Story-wise then "1 Dead Party" wasn't particularly outstanding or memorable. It was slowed Down by the pace of the storytelling. And way too little was going on to keep it really interesting. As such, the movie lost momentum and appeal quite fast.

As for the acting, well, I will say that people were doing good jobs with the roles and characters they had. Although the actors and actresses didn't have much to work with, as the characters were mostly just two dimensional.

It is the last minutes of the movie that made it worth sitting through the rest of the movie. But two or three minutes of entertainment had no chance of saving the entire movie.

So this is a party that you want to miss out on, unless you seek thrills where there are absolutely none to be had.


Bobby (James Hollis III) has a bad relationship with his wife (Katie O'Hagan) who he accidentally kills just before a party/ Rather than notify the authorities, he places her in a trunk and pretends she was stepped out as guests arrive. In order to correct his mistake, Bobby must double down.

The film had a lot of interesting characters and dialogue which attempted to be entertaining. There is a Satanist witch who performs magic, but never black magic. There is a foul mouthed hot Asian chick who digs anal. The production attempted too hard to be funny. It didn't work. The plot seemed forced. A missed opportunity.

More mild comedy. No real horror.

Guide: F-word, sex. No nudity.


The film feels like what I would expect from a university or a low- end film school.

The film is centered around a man who accidentally kills his wife right before a party; upon this realization, he attempts to cover it all up the best he can.

The story felt completely unnecessary, due to in the beginning the main character seemed to not even kill his wife and could've easily been avoided by calling the police and reporting an accident. The following events are just as you'd expect from any other film of this nature with a predictable ending. The film was lacking in most parts, but as another reviewer stated, the film makes up for this in the second half by escaping from meaningless attempts at comedic dialogue to satiric horror situations. The film also attempted to throw in meaningless dramatic aspects which in the end fell flat at an attempt to create a love triangle. Despite these, there were moments which I felt that the main character was doing a good job of covering up the foul act he had committed.

The acting was horrendous, the actors seemed to have been doing their first feature and were likely friends of the director. The main character made up for his acting in the second and third acts by displaying a good satirical view of a serial killer. The remaining characters fell flat, as with most low-budget horror films of this nature, but unlike those seemed to remain around too long.

The cinematography was almost as horrific as the film's story. There were moments in the film when I noticed that the camera was noticeably moving in some shots, which spawned my idea that the crew was extremely inexperienced, although the sound was pretty good considering the film.

When the budget, and the experience of the cast and crew is considered, the film seems to be a good example of a group of people completing a film that they worked hard on. As for a prospective viewer, I would suggest that if you like mediocre horror films that you watch this film, and although it doesn't feel so good in the first half, the second half of the film makes up for the blandness of the beginning.