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I'm Yours (2011) Online

I'm Yours (2011) Online
Original Title :
Iu0027m Yours
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Leonard Farlinger
Cast :
Rossif Sutherland,Karine Vanasse,Don McKellar
Writer :
Leonard Farlinger
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
I'm Yours (2011) Online

Robert (Rossif Sutherland) is reeling from his financially-successful but highly-stressful job on Wall Street and spends his birthday in a bar looking to hook-up with the hottest girl in the room. Daphne (Karine Vanasse) has family issues of her own and is looking for a guy that she can take advantage of. After what should have been a one-night stand, Daphne has kidnapped Robert in his car, and the two are on a road-trip to North Bay, Ontario where they are likely going to get more than they bargained for. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Rossif Sutherland Rossif Sutherland - Robert
Karine Vanasse Karine Vanasse - Daphne
Don McKellar Don McKellar - Phil
Nicholas Campbell Nicholas Campbell - Father
Greg Calderone Greg Calderone - Customs Officer
Gregory 'Dominic' Odjig Gregory 'Dominic' Odjig - Winston
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Marie Helene Fontaine Marie Helene Fontaine - Mother
Ella Jonas Farlinger Ella Jonas Farlinger - Natalie
Jamie Lyle Jamie Lyle - Children's Counciller
Jennifer Ritchie Jennifer Ritchie - Desk Clerk

User reviews



"I'm Yours" starts in Manhattan. Rich, indulged, whiny profligates are complaining about their job on Wall Street. Robert (Rossif Sutherland) gets to hook up with the hottest woman at the bar, because apparently he deserves to. Daphne (Karine Vanasse) is the hottest girl at the bar, and she's mysterious. And that is the entire introduction to the characters.

The lighting is very poor, but it doesn't get much better because we just go from the bar to a cheap motel room. From there, it still doesn't get much better because we hit the road for Northern Ontario. A barren, lonely depressed land in the dying days of winter. Their car broke down on the highway between Ottawa and Pembroke and considering the number of times I've driven that highway, I thought I should have recognized it. I didn't because it's shot in North Bay not on the way to North Bay.

The story isn't much better itself. Robert has a bag full of money, and we don't care why. Daphne kidnaps him in his car, and we don't care why. Vanasse is extremely attractive while Sutherland isn't anything at all. And that pretty much sums up why we don't care.

The movie does actually have all the elements that I'm supposed to like. Characters that are slowly revealed throughout the movie and a final destination that we physically know but not figuratively. My biggest problem was the character of Robert and his dialogue. He doesn't come across as smart at all. He does work for Wall Street but that usually implies privileged, not smart. His dialogue is a combination of Shakespeare and a physics textbook trying to wax poetically on the universe. And all it does is prove that the writing is the opposite of intelligent.

The poor production levels, the poor characterizations and the poor dialogue take us on a road trip that goes nowhere quickly. "I'm Yours" is frequently listed as a romantic comedy. I glossed over the elements that were supposed to be romantic but I must have completely missed the parts that were supposed to be comedic. Let's just call it a drama.

By the way, if you want to see an almost identical movie done right, see The Diary of Preston Plummer.