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Scorpion Extinction (2014–2018) Online

Scorpion Extinction (2014–2018) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Sam Hill
Cast :
Elyes Gabel,Katharine McPhee,Eddie Kaye Thomas
Writer :
Nick Santora,Nick Santora
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Scorpion Extinction (2014–2018) Online

Team Scorpion must work with their old nemesis Mark Collins in order to prevent the extinction of mankind.
Episode cast overview:
Elyes Gabel Elyes Gabel - Walter O'Brien
Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee - Paige Dineen
Eddie Kaye Thomas Eddie Kaye Thomas - Toby Curtis
Jadyn Wong Jadyn Wong - Happy Quinn
Ari Stidham Ari Stidham - Sylvester Dodd
Riley B. Smith Riley B. Smith - Ralph Dineen
Robert Patrick Robert Patrick - Cabe Gallo
Joshua Leonard Joshua Leonard - Mark Collins
Anil Kumar Anil Kumar - Carson
Daniel Dratch Daniel Dratch - Dyfrost (as Dan Dratch)
John Hartman John Hartman - Kaldor
Tom Massmann Tom Massmann - Thomas Foolery

User reviews



Over its existence so far, "Scorpion" has only managed to become more and more enjoyable for me. Super-smart people with lots of technobabble adventures and strong characters with wildly humorous interactions. This is just a cozy and fun show, always pleasant to relax to. It must be a tremendous amount of fun to write!

The season 4 opener was fully on par with the high standard the show has been maintaining after its uneven first season. A crazy world-threatening plot, and (hilariously!) our team gets almost no resources to work with, so it's business as usual for Team MacGyver! They're in the Arctic, and naturally runs into a luxury hotel for high-level Russian officials - what else?

I think some people dislike the show because they are not quite aware that it's a comedy show - and if you try to take it seriously, well, then you're not really gonna be able to! But I love it. 8 stars out of 10. Great and smart entertainment!


This series has been on a downhill slide (science wise) since season two,this episode looked like it was written by people from either Mad magazine or National Lampoon.

First lets look at the methane leak. Late in 2015 the Aliso Canyon gas leak started here in southern California and the nightly news was able to show infra red video of the gas leak- so how could a gas leak not be seen and detected by EVERY orbiting camera, NOAA and other agencies! Apparently the writers must have been living in a cave the last two years to not know this or they just think their viewers are stupid, either way I feel insulted.

As another has stated governments in the area of the leak would not take too kindly to having interlopers in their country without permission.

Now as to the singing it would have made more sense if it were all in the minds of the individuals and not actually sing out loud silliness.

In short the production staff has gone of the rails and are headed for cancellation if this nonsense keeps up!


The only things worth watching, were the Musical Scenes that were Laughing Out Loud Funny.

As far as the Earth Ending Methane leaks, Where is the Norwegian Government that would demand direct involvement, instead of letting Foreigners (U.S.) involvements. Translation the Norwegian Government would have an Entire Army of Scientists, Norwegian Military, Construction, Millions of Tons of Materials and Equipment there even before Team Scorpion even entered Norwegian Airspace.

Norwegians take their Sovereignty Seriously having for so long been living so close to the U.S.S.R. and U.S.S.R. Allies.

The Norwegians have lots of experience with dealing with Methane, from their Off Shore Oil Platforms.

Can easily tell that the Scriptwriters never have been to Norway.


Despite of bending reality in their solutions to an extreme, the actual interaction between the characters is great. Super good acting and script.


First of all, I enjoy and like this show. But it also have some flaw, and another here said, me too believe some of the writers are making the show dumber than it should be, so "normal" people don't feel themself more stupid than necessary. Perhaps so we should understand it better. But hey, I truly loved this show, the first seasons. Then the stuff that happens, most things that could have been doing much better and safer, in other ways. Also the Scorpion team came to my country, before my own government would have arrived there? I don't believe that. I see if they would use actors that talk norwegian as good as other americans (irony, but I am sure some of them are real good in norwegian), or if they actually did film this episode here in Norway, they could use some of our own actors in smaller roles. The last one is not so trustworthy, of many reasons, and the cost. But it would be awesome, if this Scorpion episode actually was filmed just a few miles from my town. I'm just starting on this last season, and I hope they do it better. All the characters are amazing, and if it wasn't for them who have been in this show so far, I'm not sure I would have followed it further. But the script could have been more intelligent than it is, sometimes. As few series I can watch first, I then may buy the whole serie on bluray one day.


I really don't trust Mark Collins, he always need to be kept an eye on.

Saying that, the musical number is hilarious and the way Walter is dealing with his new emotions is endearing.

What happens .......


The science in this show is so sub par it needs a negative scale to measure it. They need to fire the writers and his if he even has one his science adviser.

Americans saving us from climate change lol this kinda say's enough.. you guy's are like 10 years behind the rest of the world and the writers got stuck in the 80's


Show tunes are not at all something my husband or I would ever watch and that being in the intro of the first episode almost made us turn it off right off the bat. Stick with what the show is all about and ditch the lame stuff. If you're alike us skip a minute or 90 seconds ahead in the show. It goes back to normal.