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Big Brother Day 61 (2001–2014) Online

Big Brother Day 61 (2001–2014) Online
Original Title :
Day 61
Genre :
TV Episode / Game Show / Music / Reality TV
Year :
Cast :
Michael Beveridge,Estelle Landy,Josh Moore
Writer :
Matt Lovkis
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Big Brother Day 61 (2001–2014) Online

The housemates first find out about the cancelled eviction. Estelle can hardly contain herself. Angie is also quietly elated. Sam, well, Sam shows no emotion- as usual. They are told the game returns to normal on Monday but Big Brother words it odd- as if next week's process could be altered. Benjamin is actually very upset about all this, saying he would be devastated if he went before any of the other three. He does not think "they" bitch about them as much as they think before calling them deluded psychos. Michael reads out the instructions to a task- to act out a live sitcom. They have to re-enact important times from the house. A laugh track is played in the house every time Big Brother is amused. Josh's farewell message is then played after this event happened.
Episode credited cast:
Michael Beveridge Michael Beveridge - Himself - Housemate
Estelle Landy Estelle Landy - Herself - Housemate
Josh Moore Josh Moore - Himself - Housemate
Angie Murray Angie Murray - Herself - Housemate
Ben Norris Ben Norris - Himself - Housemate
Layla Subritzky Layla Subritzky - Herself - Housemate
Sam Wallace Sam Wallace - Himself - Housemate
Zoe Westgarth Zoe Westgarth - Herself - Housemate
Stacey Wren Stacey Wren - Herself - Housemate