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Original Title :
First Class
Genre :
TV Series / Drama
Cast :
Erika Sawajiri,Nozomi Sasaki,Nanao
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
First Class Online

Yoshinari Chinami, who has been selling buttons and fabric at a clothing material store in an old neighborhood of Tokyo, unexpectedly finds herself working at the editorial division of a fashion magazine and is thrilled. The fashion industry is a dazzling world which she has never seen before. But what opens up to her is a terrifying den of demons where females prey on each other day after day - - From the low-level person who has to do odd jobs for a lifetime to the uppermost level which manipulates magazines and advertisements at will, it is an industry of dramatic disparities. It is also a ridiculous female world where women assign ratings and rankings change everyday. The only way to survive in this harsh place is to be "first class". Chinami's only friend is the assistant photographer Nishihara Itsuki. Will she be able to to find happiness in this fashion hell?
Series cast summary:
Erika Sawajiri Erika Sawajiri - Chinami Yoshinari 20 episodes, 2014
Nozomi Sasaki Nozomi Sasaki - Miina / - 20 episodes, 2014
Nanao Nanao - Kawashima / - 20 episodes, 2014
Tomoko Tabata Tomoko Tabata - Shiratyuki Kimura / - 20 episodes, 2014
Rieko Miura Rieko Miura - Konatsu Yamaki / - 20 episodes, 2014
Yuka Itaya Yuka Itaya - Rumi / - 20 episodes, 2014
LiLiCo LiLiCo - Narration / - 20 episodes, 2014
Yuichi Nakamaru Yuichi Nakamaru - Itsuki Nishihara 10 episodes, 2014
Nicole Ishida Nicole Ishida - Erena 10 episodes, 2014
Mirei Tanaka Mirei Tanaka - Ayana Kosugi 10 episodes, 2014
Yoshino Kimura Yoshino Kimura - Rika 10 episodes, 2014
Ryôko Yûi Ryôko Yûi - Shizuka Matsuda 10 episodes, 2014
Kana Kurashina Kana Kurashina - Sakura 10 episodes, 2014
Hiroyuki Hirayama Hiroyuki Hirayama - Takumi isogai 10 episodes, 2014
Kavka Shishido Kavka Shishido - Namie 10 episodes, 2014
Rie Tomosaka Rie Tomosaka - Nagiko 10 episodes, 2014
Hijiri Kojima Hijiri Kojima - Chifuyu 10 episodes, 2014
Mikako Ichikawa Mikako Ichikawa - Kaoru 10 episodes, 2014
Yasushi Fuchikami Yasushi Fuchikami - Ryutaro 10 episodes, 2014
Tomoe Shinohara Tomoe Shinohara - Fubuki 10 episodes, 2014
Chinami Suzuki Chinami Suzuki - Hana 10 episodes, 2014
Tomoya Nakamura Tomoya Nakamura - Daigoro 10 episodes, 2014
Keito Okamoto Keito Okamoto - Hisashi 10 episodes, 2014
Kasumi Yamaya Kasumi Yamaya - Yui 10 episodes, 2014
Mari Natsuki Mari Natsuki - Tatsuko 10 episodes, 2014
Kimiko Yo Kimiko Yo - Ranko 10 episodes, 2014
Shô Aoyagi Shô Aoyagi 10 episodes, 2014
Akaji Maro Akaji Maro - Saburo 10 episodes, 2014

User reviews



"First Class" is an amazing Japanese show that run for two seasons, and explains the rise and fall of Chinami Yoshinari, a "rag-to-riches story" woman (you would never believe that with the way Erika Sawajiri's character is depicted, but well...). Chinami starts in the first season as a poor girl with lots of dreams that finds a job in fashion magazine "First Class". In his job she meets lots of mean women that will try to destroy her on her rise to preeminence.

If that sounds a little bit like "The Devil Wears Prada", it may be true. But "First Class" goes for the way-over-the-top-is-the-best option, with characters behaving like taking a picture is the reason to start a war. It's also terrible funny, as everyone is going for everyone's blood, everyone betrays everyone, and everyone is selfish as hell. It all falls more than once on the caricature (and it may be sexist too), but seeing poor Chinami fighting against every women on her wake is lots of fun. Every episode ends with a card-ladder, which tells us where every character is in that moment. Don't worry, everyone moves so much that you won't be surprised to see Chinami moving up and down all the time. As said before, it's just so exaggerated that you have to watch it to believe it.

The second season raises the stakes, as she starts working for a fashion company. But it becomes a little bit repetitive, as it's just more of the same (even the older sister of one character of season one appears, being basically just the same character). On the other hand, there are a lot of cameos from season one that make for lots of fun. Both seasons, as is typical in Japanese shows, that are one-story-one-season kind of shows, are not deeply related, so you have two stories for the price of one.

Both season are really funny, interesting, and show a lot about the fight for power, and the desire to find some place in very competitive worlds. But in both seasons the show loses a little bit of steam close to the end.

"First Class" is very very funny, and it's just long enough that it doesn't overstay its welcome. Just be ready for lots of uh?-really? situations.