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The Penalty of Crime (1913) Online

The Penalty of Crime (1913) Online
Original Title :
The Penalty of Crime
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Short
Year :
Directror :
Joseph W. Smiley
Cast :
Robert Drouet,Peggy O'Neil,Clarence Elmer
Type :
Rating :
The Penalty of Crime (1913) Online

Ed Watson and Billy, the rat, crooks operating in New York, are "breaking in" Nell Forest, who has had the misfortune of being brought up in an evil atmosphere. The crooks spot Maurice Fielding, son of a jeweler, having stores in New York and Chicago, as a victim, and Nell makes his acquaintance. Maurice proves to be a different kind of man than any she has known. He falls in love with her and she with him. With this comes a hatred for Watson. Billy and all that they stand for. Maurice proposes marriage, but she refuses because she knows she has no right to wed an honest man; she wants to break away from her evil companions. Then perhaps she can tell Maurice everything and he will keep on loving her. But Watson is not to be so easily shaken off. He learns that Maurice is going to Chicago and that his trunk will contain jewelry. He and Billy hatch a plot to rob the trunk. They send for Nell, who is forced to come at their call. They tell her she is necessary to the proposed robbery. ...
Cast overview:
Robert Drouet Robert Drouet - Maurice Fielding
Peggy O'Neil Peggy O'Neil - Nell Forest
Clarence Elmer Clarence Elmer - The Rat
John Ince John Ince - Ed Watson
Arthur Matthews Arthur Matthews - The Baggage Man
John Smiley John Smiley - The Jeweler's Father

User reviews



A sensational two part offering well described by its name. It was written by Lawrence McCloskey and produced by Joseph Smiley. The story cannot be called a big one; but it has been produced with care and impresses one as a finished and even artistic picture. Its appeal is to the emotions, not to the intellect, and its center of interest is a girl, very charming in herself (Peggie O'Neil), who consents to be the decoy of two crooks. They set her to gaining the confidence of a jewel merchant, who is to be their victim, and she ends by falling in love with him. Afraid to have him find out her past and threatened by the two crooks, she lets the plot go on and works with them until his gems are stolen. The action of the second reel takes place on a train and an exciting automobile race follows the discovery of the robbery. This series of incidents is of the most sensational character, is clearly photographed and effective. It will be a popular picture. - The Moving Picture World, July 19, 1913