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K-Pop the Ultimate Audition Episode #1.11 (2012) Online

K-Pop the Ultimate Audition Episode #1.11 (2012) Online
Original Title :
Episode #1.11
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Jung-pyo Lee
Cast :
Go Eun Ah,Kwak Yong Hwan,Jin Hyuk
Writer :
Sun-Hee Moon
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
K-Pop the Ultimate Audition Episode #1.11 (2012) Online

Eleven people know Ji Seung Yeon is both a girl and Hyun Suk's niece, but only three (Seung Yeon, Woo Hyun and Ji Woo) know of her interest in Woo Hyun, prompting Ji Woo (much to most everyone's consternation) to drunk himself unconscious. Team Leader Han begins to figure out the love triangle, while Oh In-young comes upon evidence that outs for her the gender secret, but both incorrectly presume that Woo Hyun had been knowledgeable of Seung Yeon's gender from the start. Meanwhile, Woo Hyun's disaffection with M2 grows. When his uneasy bandmates suspect he had planned to toss them aside to starve in the street all along, a fistfight breaks out. News of it leaks to the media, and sleazy business rival Director Lee wastes no time in swooping in to nab what he can. Elsewhere, Han sees and misunderstands a hug between Hyun Seok and Hae Young, and an old friend of Woo Hyun (who instantly spots Seung Yeon as a girl) also perceives the beneficial relationship between them.
Episode credited cast:
Go Eun Ah Go Eun Ah - Ji Seung Yeon
Kwak Yong Hwan Kwak Yong Hwan - Kwon Ji Woo
Jin Hyuk Jin Hyuk - Yoon Jae Ah
Song Se Hyun Song Se Hyun - Kim Hyun Seung
Yoon-woo Jo Yoon-woo Jo - Han Dong Woo (as Jo Yoon Woo)
Mi Yun Kan Mi Yun Kan - Kang Hae Young
Kevin Kevin - Kang Chang Min
Dong-Seok Kim Dong-Seok Kim - Director Lee's Assistant
Se-chang Maeng Se-chang Maeng - Jang Tae Kwon (as Maeng Se Chang)
Hong Kyung Min Hong Kyung Min - Jang Hyun Suk
Hyo-ju Park Hyo-ju Park - Han Jeong Eun
Yoo-Hwan Park Yoo-Hwan Park - Kang Woo Hyun (as Park Yoo Hwan)
Tagoon Tagoon - Park Ki Bum