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Касл Swan Song (2009–2016) Online

Касл Swan Song (2009–2016) Online
Original Title :
Swan Song
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance
Year :
Directror :
David Barrett
Cast :
Nathan Fillion,Stana Katic,Susan Sullivan
Writer :
Andrew W. Marlowe,Rob Hanning
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Касл Swan Song (2009–2016) Online

A rock band finally reaches fame, but one of its members, James Swan is found murdered in his trailer. Due to the inevitably high media profile, the city orders full cooperation with a TV crew which was already filming the band in reality-style. That makes Javier show off, Kate camera shy, while Castle pulls the strings, almost like a director. The team finds conflicts within the band. Roadie Hank Rodgers also proves a link to John Campbell, from whose abusive cult Swan escaped and whom he recently met and paid a small fortune in cash.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion - Richard Castle
Stana Katic Stana Katic - Kate Beckett
Susan Sullivan Susan Sullivan - Martha Rodgers
Jon Huertas Jon Huertas - Javier Esposito
Seamus Dever Seamus Dever - Kevin Ryan
Tamala Jones Tamala Jones - Lanie Parish
Molly C. Quinn Molly C. Quinn - Alexis Castle (as Molly Quinn)
Penny Johnson Jerald Penny Johnson Jerald - Captain Victoria Gates
Andrew J. West Andrew J. West - Keith
C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Howell - John Campbell
Daniel Roebuck Daniel Roebuck - Joe Silva
Nick Thurston Nick Thurston - Buck Cooper / Hank Rodgers
Chris Coy Chris Coy - Zeke
Amir Talai Amir Talai - Sam Spear
Kristen Miller Kristen Miller - Caroline

In the background of the video and pictures of the victim's Q&A about the band, you can see Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle), right in front of the father of "Ms. Butterfly".

Castle identifies the murder weapon as a 1959 Gibson Les Paul "flame-top" electric guitar. This model is one of the most highly prized and collectible guitars in the world.

Every time Castle "directs" the cameramen to do a hard fade to black and hums the sting, there is an actual hard fade to black.

Although Castle criticizes Zeke's self comparison to Pete Best, and suggests that Stu Sutcliffe would have been a better comparison, given that Pete was a drummer, not a bassist, Stu Sutcliffe actually left The Beatles on his own in order to pursue a career as a painter. Pete was let go and replaced with Ringo Starr, making Pete Best the better comparison.

Actors Andrew J. West (Keith) & Chris Coy (Zeke) appear as band members in Swan Song. They also appear together on The Walking Dead (2010) as group members Gareth and Martin of Terminus, Season 5.

Pete Best was the drummer for the Beatles who was replaced by Ringo Starr. Stu Sutcliffe was the original bassist for the same group, replaced by Paul McCartney, who had been the rhythm guitarist.

When Castle tells the cameraman to "fade to black" and "add a hard sting" he hums a few notes. Those notes are the opening score shown with the Castle title card at the beginning of each episode.

When Castle says to the team that "pure speculation would be Swan purchasing thermonuclear technology to have a scientist make him an amplifier that went all the way to 12". It's a reference to the movie/mockumentary Spinal Tap, in which band guitarist Nigel Tufnel has a guitar amplifier that goes to 11 instead of the normal of 10. With the argument that they are "one louder".

Title reference: "Swan song" is an idiomatic final performance before an artist's retirement or death. As the episode deals with an up and coming rock band, it could also loosely refer to Swan Song Records, the recording label created by Led Zeppelin in 1974.

Stana Katic plays record producer Genya Ravan, who was also the lead vocalist for rock bands including Goldie & the Gingerbreads and Ten Wheel Drive, in CBGB (2013).

User reviews



I'm watching Castle from the beginning and what I love about it is that they constantly doing various tricks with how they deliver the story. I know, that there are people who don't like the changes in general and they prefer to stick to the same old style of how story is told, but that's not me - I like this "camera man" thing so much in this episode. It changes the way we perceive the view, it also changes the way we digest the story - it places us as spectators into shoes of actors, we become part of a story and this rapid change is simply great! :) Of course, it shouldn't be something to be repeated in each episode, but for one episode it works just great. It could be even more trans-medial, I guess :)


I couldn't watch more than four minutes, I forwarded to avoid the cameras but it is the whole episode, we liked this series in first four seasons, the fifth seasons is different, is that because you're looking for new fans, you might loss the old fans whom watched the whole first four seasons

what I like about this series is the mixture between the daily crime investigation and Kate's mother investigation and her feeling a bout her case, castle when he's supporting her in her case, I like to go with her mother case more than daily crimes, the daily crimes are repeated in different way, it would be more interested if the fifth was connected to the main case Kate's mother, the dangerous surrounding Kate's team, specially after we know who behind her mother murder, I thought that season would be about her investigation to collect info about the file they lost, Kate's team had been watching, the senator use his power to separate her away from the 12 th precinct and NY, or try to send her to somewhere she might get shot, Kate and the senator might meet together or she has to protect him, he might be a witness in a crime she investigates, or one of his family killed so Kate tries to find led to put him as only suspicious

I wish for you all the best, I really enjoy this series, this is first series I interestedly watch since long time and I watched more than once