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Exposed: Featuring Dee (2004) Online

Exposed: Featuring Dee (2004) Online
Original Title :
Exposed: Featuring Dee
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Michael Ninn
Cast :
Dee Baker,Georgia Adair,Anais
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
2h 20min
Rating :
Exposed: Featuring Dee (2004) Online

Cast overview:
Dee Baker Dee Baker - (as Dee)
Georgia Adair Georgia Adair - (archive footage)
Anais Anais - (archive footage)
Isabella Janacek Isabella Janacek - (archive footage) (as Isabella)
Angel Cassidy Angel Cassidy - NonSex (archive footage)
Eric Masterson Eric Masterson - (archive footage)
Evan Stone Evan Stone - (archive footage)
Pascal Saint-James Pascal Saint-James - (archive footage) (as Pascal)
Matt Bixel Matt Bixel - (archive footage)

User reviews



Michael Ninn cranked out a series of abstract (read: empty of content) videos over a decade ago spotlighting his favorite models and actresses, that have not stood the test of time. They are bargain-bin (99 cents plus shipping/handling) remainders nowadays, and sampling them I find the Emperor's New Clothes phenomenon in full invisible glory.

With Dee the hook for these five disparate vignettes, one gets to gaze at her beauty, typically stylized to give various looks, notably an unflattering imitation Halle Berry blonde-wigged affair that doesn't work at all. But she remains an icon for the ages, the only reason this time capsule is worth opening (I note that like the other Ninn stuff of this ilk it lacks the 5 IMDb votes to make a quorum).

Most pretentious segment is the finale, lifted from the Angel Cassidy starrer "Angel: Sex Money Power" of a year before. Boasting the most pompous narration I've heard in a long while, it has Dee humping Matt Bixel (a lesser Adult performer who won an award in the Gay Video area), while Angel merely watches and then leaves. This type of excerpting is what riles me: taken out of context the scene is nonsensical and worthless, except for those fans who only want generic XXX content in mindless fashion.

Dee's status as a lesbian cinema icon is reinforced with quality action opposite Anais and Isabella Camille, though latter has that Halle Berry turn-off applied. Ninn at his silliest and unintentionally campiest trots out Evan Stone and French import Pascal St. James standing nude as human statues to frame Dee before giving her a condom-clad d.p. or two.

Though it takes a good deal of NoDoz and ignoring music video editing and idiotic camera angles/tilts to sit through Ninn Worx like this one, Dee is the saving grace. Her soft-spoken but always enthralling voice, interviewed (black & white footage for effect) by a simpatico Tina Tyler in best imitation-professorial Nina Hartley mode is almost worth the price (99 cents) of admission.