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Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann
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TV Series / News / Talk Show
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Keith Olbermann,Paul F. Tompkins,David Shuster
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TV Series
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Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann Online

One of journalism's most provocative and outspoken voices, Keith Olbermann delivers independent, razor-sharp commentary on the top five news stories of the day, interviewing news subjects and regular guests and contributors. A long list of regular contributors includes filmmaker Michael Moore, Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi; John Dean, former White House counsel to President Richard Nixon; comedian and activist Maysoon Zayid; Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones energy and investigative journalist and author Jeremy Scahill. Interspersed are such segments as "Worst Persons in the World," "Time Marches On" and Olbermann's occasional "Special Comment." The show's regular guest host is David Shuster.
Series cast summary:
Keith Olbermann Keith Olbermann - Himself - Host 256 episodes, 2005-2012

The opening theme is the opening bars of the second movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony".

In addition to Bill O'Reilly (who receives this award the most), other frequent recipients include Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, Fox News founder and chairman Rupert Murdoch, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and right-wing columnist and author Ann Coulter.

The music used in the Worst Person in the World segment is Johann Sebastian Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor".

On November 30, 2005, Keith Olbermann gave Fox News rival Bill O'Reilly all three positions of "Worst Person in the World".

On February 24, 2010, the Worst Person in the World segment was renamed "The Hall of Shame" for one program. Keith Olbermann would revert the new name back to the old one.

The papers he throws at the camera at the conclusion of each episode is the script for the show, which is on hand in case the teleprompter malfunctions during the live broadcast.

On November 10, 2008, Keith Olbermann gave Bill O'Reilly all three positions of "Worst Person in the World" for the second time.

User reviews



I first took notice of Olbermann from his well articulated clips from youtube.com. He was just so knowledgeable and passionate about the news which isn't new I guess, but what struck a chord with me was his sincerity. I am accustomed to news reporters having catch phrases such as "Keeping them honest." or "fair and balanced" but Olbermann isn't looking for quotes that can be easily imitated for the masses he is looking for the news and thus the truth. I hear so much about Anderson Cooper, but I don't get it. What is so intriguing about him besides his flashy silver hair and his "keeping them honest" gimmick? What contribution has he given to his viewers? I am not here to criticize complacent yet otherwise well meaning reporters, but I am here to thank Keith Olbermann. He reminds me of a time when being a journalist meant something more than being a personality who likes to wear "bow-ties." Thank You Olbermann. Thank You for giving us a chance to use the television medium for an exchange in information and not just a weekly digestion of programming. I now look forward to 8'o clock pm.

Good Night and Good Luck- Edward R. Murrows
lucky kitten

lucky kitten

I watch this show pretty regularly. When I'm at home, I usually watch it from midnight to 1AM, but when I'm staying at my grandmother's house I've gotten her to watch it with me from 8 to 9PM, right after we watch her long-time staples of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!

A graduate of Cornell University, Keith Olbermann comes across as smart, friendly, and witty. I also enjoy the show's regulars Monica Novotny (she and Keith seem to have a lot of affection for one another) and Alison Stewart quite a lot, and many of the regular interviewees. Alison Stewart has also done a good job guest-hosting for Keith when he's been gone on vacation.

From what I've read online on other sites, Keith wanted to avoid having a news show that regularly picks one story and covers it exclusively for the whole hour day after day, as so often happens with many "news" programs. This show is guaranteed to have at least five stories, and each of those stories in the countdown might be composed of two or more related stories.

I like that he avoids having guests that yell at each other. I also appreciate that Countdown covers some stories that other news outlets for some reason have avoided. Keith was covering the 2004 Ohio Recount before anyone else on network or cable news, I think, which are just lately playing catch-up.


Contrary to the other comments by macjoubert, Keith is NOT pro-democrat as stated there. He is however anti republican, but if you pay attention to his show you see he is just as hard on the democrats as the republicans. He goes after all the idiots running our country and points them out for what they really are.

Yes he is biased, he has his opinion and speaks it loud and clear, but perhaps that's what makes him so good. Unlike a lot of other news groups which just spout off the latest talking points from Karl Rove, or what the Neo Cons would have them say, unlike the lame, democrat biased reporters who are too weak to stand up to our failed government policies and speak the truth. Keith is NOT afraid to tell it like it is. He and unlike those who try to defend the republicans, Keith actually shows proof and makes sense with what he says. Go to Rush, or Bill O'Reilly's show and you will find nothing but baseless claims, aimed at destroying freedom of speech, freedom of though and the American Way. This is Free America, NOT Natzi America! It's time we had more reporters like Keith Olbermann


I faithfully watch Keith Olbermann's Countdown on MSNBC. He is articulate, sometimes humorous, and really fair to both sides. I consider this to be the one hour of can't miss TV. If you miss the 8 o'clock hour, it replays again at midnight (on the east coast). He brings on informed guests to review the day's news and often brings out facts that are missed by the quick synopsis given on other shows. Each story is covered in depth rather than spending 10 minutes endlessly debating a few points that other shows do. He and guests discuss the topic with a genuine interest in the facts rather than the spin. If you want news with ALL the facts, and how it may relate to other issues, watch Keith Olbermann and Countdown on MSNBC.


I have to admit it, I didn't really mind Keith Olbermann when he was on ESPN. Unfortunately for Keith, he peaked with "Sportscenter" some years ago, and the ratings for both his show and his network prove this. I do watch this show from time to time, and its more like something reminiscent of propaganda programming from the 1930's than either a news or current events program. If you are looking for real news, legitimate discussion of politics or current events, don't look here. This show is even more biased to the far left than Fox News is toward the right. Its ironic that he constantly rips on right wing talk show hosts for being so hateful, but in my opinion he is just as hateful (if not more), just from the left rather than the right. Judging by his ratings, it seems as though even the left is bored with this nonsense. I am a bit surprised that this show hasn't gone off the air, but I would imagine it will go the way of "Air America" before too long......


I first learned about "Countdown w/Keith Olbermann" when I read a transcript of Keith Olbermann's special comment "Liar in Chief...the president who makes things up", identifying that George W. Bush had claimed that Democrats had made certain claims (which of course they'd never actually made). Ever since then, I've watched his show almost every night. It's just about the best thing out there. Who else would rip at the Bush administration and poke fun at Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/"American Idol" like this? Not to mention having George Carlin as a guest.

Anyway, this is the news show that I recommend above pretty much all others (of course, there's always "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"). In times like these, such a program is what we all need.

As for the worst persons in the world: The bronze goes to: me. I said in my IMDb review of "Ed Wood" that it was the first R-rated movie that I'd ever seen in the theaters. I remembered a few months later that "Serial Mom" was the first R-rated movie that I'd seen in the theaters (followed by "Backbeat", and then "Ed Wood"). I apologize for this.

The runner-up: Rupert Murdoch. Through his media outlets (namely Fox Noise), he has buried a story about Sibel Edmonds. She has exposed the theft of US nuclear secrets and how they made their way to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia with the help of Turkey and Israel. But according to Murdoch's MSM, this is nowhere near as important as Britney Spears. Tell me, Rupert. If - as Roger Ailes claims - presidential candidates who can't face Faux News can't face al-Qaida, does that mean that Fixed News has practically no interest in stopping al-Qaida. I always knew that the two entities were equally intolerant, but might it go that far?

But the winner: no, it's not Bill Orally, but Indonesia's former dictator Suharto. He died today without ever having undergone prosecution for the murder of almost 1 million people in Indonesia and East Timor during his 32 years in power (not to mention letting Nike establish sweatshops throughout his country). And now no one can prosecute him. Oh well, at least he'll spend eternity in Hell.

Suharto. Today's...worst...person...in the world! Anyway, Keith Olbermann hosts a great news show.


I've begun to watch Olberman's Countdown. I must say I am absolutely amazed at how lacking I am at amazement as to his ratings. He's positively dreadful; lacking in talent, acumen, political savvy of any sort, and the permanent smirk doesn't help.

Maybe he should have stayed doing "sports" journalism and guesting on the Hollywood Squares.

Those who seem to think he's remotely fair, consider this: He just, as I write this, referred to John McCain as indulging in "crass political terrorism." Even as he just had several guests in a row that he offered the opportunity to bash in the worst way, Sarah Palin and the aforesaid McCain.

He obviously promotes anti-Palin scurrilous rumors, attacks Republicans with an irrationality that would do Bill Maher proud, and omits basic facts when characterizing his pathologically fearful enemies (does he have a list, maybe he can count them down?).

I don't think he's a Democrat actually, I think he's an Obamacrat. He shills for him without question or demur -- taking his orders obviously as a robotic talking head.

His lack of balance is actually a bit scary insofar as others, such as Hannity and Colmes, O'Reilly, Wolf Blitzer, and even Chris Matthews (though not lately), have proponents of the other side to at least discuss a particular matter with.

Olbermann? He has a part of his "show" that is dedicated to the "most outrageous or untrue thing said on the behalf of John McCain", entitled, "McCain in the Membrane." Nice.

The snicker inducing backdrop of all this, is that no one watches this dreck -- excepting a few bemused critics (like me), or the true believers who hang out on the Daily Kos and MoveOn.org, who spew out the most vicious of comments, not limited to wishing death on those they feel are insufficiently non-extreme left. Throw in that female comic who called Hillary Clinton a word best left unwritten, even with asterisks. I'm not afraid of words, but that was something Olbermann probably wouldn't have minded on his show if he could have gotten away with it.

I'd actually suggest tuning in, merely to be shocked and amazed, and have one's jaw dropped, at what passes for "journalism" on MSNBC.
Hawk Flying

Hawk Flying

I used to watch this show religiously. Yes, I consider it equal to going to church.

Keith has a way of lightening up the news while making important points.

He can be depended up to bring in the very best commentators to back up his own commentary and give us the real facts behind today's news.

Yes, it has a liberal bias, but then the truth is the truth, and Fox News needs to have something to counteract the falsehoods.

I enjoy Olbermann because he just doesn't take himself seriously and her certainly has fun bursting the overly inflated egos of those who do not have America's interests at heart.


Mr. Olbermann is smart, witty and funny.

He provides an alternative voice to the right wing domination that has lasted for years in the media.

Straight shooting, fresh, sharp and antagonistic against the Plutocrats that have seized our nation.

Lacking demagoguery, and the mythic trash that comes from the propagandized news from conservative opinions.

I enjoy Mr. Olbermann, and look forward to seeing him on other news venues. I feel he is the most interesting news person that has evolved in many years.


In a time when watching Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly and Hannity can be repetitive, boring, safe, wretched, and just downright wrong and bullying (even if the former sometimes is OK), Keith Olbermann is a sublime respite. Yes, he'll make his point of view known, but an unpopular one? I think not; when watching Olbermann go into one of his "special comments" it comes about as close to- if not quite as classical- as an Edward R. Murrow speech rallying against one injustice or another. It's actually inspiring to see what is usually just another 'talking-head' speaking intelligently not from some vapid "gut" ala O'Reilly, but from facts that send many Americans as of late into a tailspin. How to put such a travesty like the Bush administration into a context of articulation (and one that isn't of full-on satire like the Daily Show)? Look at Olbermann.

But it isn't all serious and such; one of the great joys of Countdown is that, within the parameters of the archetype of the structure of the show. Olbermann makes his show into fun satire and moments of levity following the first half just the typical lot (though an interesting lot usually) of talking heads, with his "Best Person" and "Worst Person" listing, Oddball moments (videos of crazy Santa's or deer jumping over a car as it's driving, among many, many, many other classic bits that most often would be left in the dregs of you-tube). He's a man that understands irony- he's not one to back down from giving a scathing comment against someone whom he thinks deserves it (and, whatever affiliation you have, you got to admit that he can give the sucker punch linguistically like few others in cable news, and not with the rancor of some of his rivals). But he's also a man of conscience, and he'll reveal himself as having more lucid thoughts on a subject than one would ever expect of a Tucker or even Anderson Cooper or other.

For me, it's one of the most addictive shows on cable TV news.


The Olbermeister is always worth listening to... I've found the Keither's insightful (correct spelling) comments and summaries generally right on the mark. I particularly like it when he attacks the faux news (noise) folks for the prostitutes they are to the fascist "upper" hand now running into oblivion what was the American Republican Party.

Fux news' false pretense that presenting two disparate opinions provides a valid forum has been shown as the wrong argument that it is on the show. To me, Fox New's b.s. "fair and balanced" is a modern day equivalent of the conflicts between the followers of Jesus of Nazareth and the lions in the Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome.

Keith's sparing with the "billo" or "oraly" or whatever you call his competition is especially interesting- as well as entertaining- to me. Before I knew better I used to watch the o'reilly factoid on a regular basis. He still has some- however rare- sound opinions but he sure as hell ain't open minded and generally focuses on increasing the current smokescreen put up by this dirty white house. I liked it post 9-11 when he "took on" the charities for their failure to give much of the donations to the needy in a timely manner; I am disgusted that he hasn't lived up to his promise to denounce this administration when weapons of mass destruction have not been found in Iraq; and also find it revolting and channel changing that he repeats and glorifies distortion and other fascist propaganda.


Who ever wrote the last comments about Kieth Olbermann, obviously doesn't know what he is writing about.

Olbermann is intelligent, fair minded, and straightens out those ignorant saps that watch Fox. It's about time that another side of the news is presented. His programs are well thought out, and done with class, unlike his counterparts on other news channels. His factual analysis of other so called "news cable news" stands to his credit. MSNBC has great and fair talent. Olbermann's guests are not "staged" to back up one story or another. It's time we had real "fair and honest" news people on the air.


You know, I have YET to see a conservative deny what they are. Hannity doesn't deny it, Rush doesn't, Levin doesn't, basically they all are very clear and comfortable with who they are. Heck, Bill O admits what he is (libertarian I believe). EVEN ALAN COLMES WILL SAY HE IS A LIBERAL. Why is it that liberals never admit what they are? They always claim to be fair, but everything they do says they aren't. For example, this guy always features a conservative as his 'worst' person. Really now. Out of all the dopey Dems in Congress...none of them make the list? Puhleeze. All of the aforementioned hosts routinely play clips of both sides. Does anyone believe that Olbermann would ever go after a liberal the way Hannity did Voinovich over immigration? This guy probably wouldn't be at the bottom of the pile if 1.he wasn't so hateful and 2.if he'd just admit his bias instead of unsuccessfully hiding it.


Not so sure about that, unless of course he says something you like. Remember people tend to like and appreciate anything that least offends them rather than pure truth, as the cliché goes , truth hurts. Olbermann is extremely biased towards the Democrats, for proof watch 10 episodes and count the number of true "debates", i.e. arguments in which there IS an _opposing_ point of view, rather than just blind anti-Republican, anti-Bush hatred (8-9)*5 For proof (rather most recent of many), of the many just watch his defense of Kerry Nov 2 2006, soon after his (Kerry's) gaffe about lacking education and ending up in Iraq.His hilarious attempt at bolstering his position is even crushed by his own guest Thomas Ricks. Your answer will conform with mine, the Russian for nothing. Nada. Which pretty much sums up his show too , its nada.


First of all I want to start out by saying I am not left or right. I am a live and let live kind of guy. Now that being said I found this news show informative and at times entertaining. I generally don't get into news shows but this one got my attention for some reason.

George Carlin was on it and said this was the best news show on TV. I can't say that but it was very good in my opinion.

But there was more than the hot topics of the day. Keith help raise money for free clinics, and helped a family who's house burned down while the fire department watch it because they forgot to pay the annual fee for fire protection. And of course "The Worst Person" segment.

Keith really shook things up here raising the ire of Bill O'Riely, Glenn Beck and others. I respect someone who isn't afraid to call out someone and point out the nonsense they trawl out and call it news. I can't help but to think that's why he was suddenly fired from MSNBC. He really rocked the boat. Why else would you cancel your top rated show? Current TV is another story.

Is Keith a nice guy or a total jerk? I don't know but I have to respect him for putting it on the line and not be afraid to call it like you see it and let the chips fall will they may.