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Elas kord... Our Decay (2011–2018) Online

Elas kord... Our Decay (2011–2018) Online
Original Title :
Our Decay
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Fantasy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Steve Pearlman
Cast :
Ginnifer Goodwin,Jennifer Morrison,Lana Parrilla
Writer :
Edward Kitsis,Adam Horowitz
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Elas kord... Our Decay (2011–2018) Online

Gold creates a Storybrooke portal; Zelena and Regina clash; Belle and Rumple are reunited; Snow and David try to send a message from the Underworld to their son, Neal.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ginnifer Goodwin Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret Blanchard
Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan
Lana Parrilla Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills
Josh Dallas Josh Dallas - David Nolan
Emilie de Ravin Emilie de Ravin - Belle Gold
Colin O'Donoghue Colin O'Donoghue - Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones
Jared Gilmore Jared Gilmore - Henry Mills (as Jared S. Gilmore)
Rebecca Mader Rebecca Mader - Zelena
Sean Maguire Sean Maguire - Robin Hood
Robert Carlyle Robert Carlyle - Mr. Gold
Emma Caulfield Ford Emma Caulfield Ford - Blind Witch (as Emma Caulfield)
Greg Germann Greg Germann - Hades
Teri Reeves Teri Reeves - Dorothy Gale
Paul Scheer Paul Scheer - Scarecrow (voice)
Keegan Connor Tracy Keegan Connor Tracy - Zelena / Mother Superior

Dorothy appears in this episode wearing silver slippers not RUBY slippers. The original books had Dorothy wearing silver slippers but the producers of the movie, The Wizard of Oz wanted something more flashy for the new colour format so they changed them to Ruby slippers. MGM still holds the rights to changes to the original story so ruby slippers couldn't be used. (Also any witch portrayed can't be the same colour green as the one in the movie)

An older Dorothy Gale makes an appearance and is played by Teri Reeves. Her younger counterpart was originally played by Matreya Scarrwener.

Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, learns that her birthday is April 15. Traditionally, in the United States, this is the day when federal and state income taxes are due, making it (arguably) the most unpopular day of the year.

First appearance of Zelena in 5B after being absent for four consecutive episodes.

Hades mentions that his older brother is Zeus, when according to Greek mythology, Hades is the oldest son of Chronos.

The earrings that Zelena wears in Oz when speaking with Hades are Kendra Scott's Jordy Ear Jackets in Mirror Rock Crystal.

The object/animal/person in this episode is Munchkins. The card features the forest background, but the color is red instead of blue to reflect the Underworld.

During the flashback where Hades meets Zelena for the first time, he says "Please, allow me to introduce myself", which is the opening line of The Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil".

The name of the munchkin Zelena destroys is "Boq," which is the same name of the student in "Wicked" who eventually becomes the Tin-man.

User reviews



When 'Once Upon a Time' first started it was highly addictive and made the most of a truly great and creative premise. Really loved the idea of turning familiar fairy tales on their heads and putting own interpretations on them and the show early on clearly had clearly had a ball. Watched it without fail every time it came on and it was often a highlight of the week. Which was why it was sad when it ran out of ideas and lost its magic in the later seasons.

Season 5's previous episodes for me were decent to brilliant. Unfortunately "The Brothers Jones" saw its first disappointment in one of its lesser episodes and 'Once Upon a Time's' weakest episode in a long time. "Our Decay" definitely is an improvement, evidenced by being better received critically, at least the main plot-line adds to the characters in question and doesn't feel pointless. It's still not great and a lesser episode of Season 5, while far from being a 'Once Upon a Time' low point.

There are good things about "Our Decay". It mostly is a handsomely mounted episode visually, the settings and costumes are both colourful and atmospheric, not too dark or garish and cookie-cutter. It is beautifully photographed too and the effects are improved here. The music is haunting, ethereal and cleverly used with a memorable theme tune.

Despite them deserving much better material, mostly the performances are fine. Rebecca Mader brings both menace and pathos, effectively casting a spell as she always did as Zelena. Lana Parrilla is typically spot on. The two best performances comes from the ever reliable Robert Carlyle and particularly Greg Germann. Germann and Mader work so well together, and do wonderfully playing off each other.

"Our Decay" is at its best with the development of Zelena, she is a very interesting character and shows some real growth, and the heartfelt Belle and Gold chemistry. Gold putting Belle in her place is the highlight of the episode. Really liked the intriguing Oz storyline here too as is the tension between Zelena and Regina, beautifully played. The Hades and Zelena evoked mixed reactions from me, leaning towards the positive, there is intensity, intrigue and poignancy and Greg Germann and Rebecca Mader help quite a bit before it got melodramatic and soapy in the latter stages.

However, Emilie De Ravin provides one of two acting debits here, there have been times previously where she did show improvement but Belle is just not interesting in development and De Ravin is incredibly bland. The other is Sean Maguire, who does irritate and Robin is fairly useless here. Some of the story is jumpy and cluttered, the relationship between Hades and Zelena does feel rushed and out of the blue, parts don't make sense like with Rumplestiltskin and the dark one, and parts are just plain strange like with the Charmings.

Most of the characters have been more interesting elsewhere, Hades, Zelena and Gold excepted. Character development is barely there, other than with Hades and Zelena, and much of it feels dumbed down.

The nosedive in the writing seen with "The Brothers Jones" continues in "Our Decay", too much of it is too soapy, dissolving into melodrama in the final third, and the campiness goes overboard. It does feel like the show has run out of ideas, Hades' plan is like rehashing that for Zelena in Season 3.

Overall, a lot of great things but also wanting in other areas. 6/10 Bethany Cox