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The Phil Silvers Show The Horse (1955–1959) Online

The Phil Silvers Show The Horse (1955–1959) Online
Original Title :
The Horse
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Year :
Directror :
Al De Caprio
Cast :
Phil Silvers,Harvey Lembeck,Paul Ford
Writer :
Nat Hiken,Nat Hiken
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Phil Silvers Show The Horse (1955–1959) Online

Bilko uses the platoon fund to buy ailing racehorse, 'Bell Boy.' Smuggling the horse into Fort Baxter, Bilko dreams of making a fortune at the races when the horse is well.
Episode credited cast:
Phil Silvers Phil Silvers - MSgt. Ernest G. Bilko
Harvey Lembeck Harvey Lembeck - Cpl. Rocco Barbella
Paul Ford Paul Ford - Col. John T. Hall
Allan Melvin Allan Melvin - Cpl. Steve Henshaw
Robert Shawley Robert Shawley - Pvt. Carter (as Bob Shawley)
Jack Healy Jack Healy - Pvt. Mullen
Maurice Gosfield Maurice Gosfield - Pvt. Duane Doberman
Mickey Freeman Mickey Freeman - Pvt. Fielding Zimmerman
Jim Perry Jim Perry - Lt. Anderson
Karl Lukas Karl Lukas - Pvt. Stash Kadowski
Bernard Fein Bernard Fein - Pvt. Gomez (as Bernie Fein)
Hope Sansberry Hope Sansberry - Mrs. Nell Hall
P. Jay Sidney P. Jay Sidney - Pvt. Palmer
Harry Clark Harry Clark - MSgt. Stanley Sowici
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
John Alexander John Alexander - General Strait

This is one of several episodes during this series four-year run that cites Private Palmer's talents as an electrician to assist MSgt. Bilko in his latest scheme. It is also the first of many appearances in the series of Colonel Hall's wife, Nell (Hope Sansberry).

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While in the paddock area with a horse called "Bell Boy," Bilko is making sarcastic comments to Henshaw and Rocco about that horse. They had received a tip from a new recruit, fresh off the farm in Kentucky - a kid who knows all about horses who told Bilko to bet this horse. "Hey," explains the recruit "Pvt. Carter," "he has good breeding. He's from the family of Native Dancer."

"Yeah," replies Bilko, "that explains the slow mambo he was just doing. How am I going to face my platoon when I've lost half their money on this horse?"

After Bilko finds out the horse is for sale for $100 and the kid discovers second later that the horse has a leg problem he could fix. "When he's cured, the horse could make thousands winning stakes races," says the new recruit. His greedy Bilko is hooked and buys the horse.

The problem is "how do we hide the horse from Colonel Hall?" Later, it also becomes, "How do we feed the horse, get blankets, medical supplies, etc?"

To make matters worse, there is going to be a surprise inspection by old "spit and polish," which has Col. Hall very concerned.

This was a fun episode with a couple of memorable scenes, such as the four guys in the platoon having to eat oats for four days and the Colonel being woken up each night at 4 a.m. hearing a horse race by his window.