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10 Sekunden (2008) Online

10 Sekunden (2008) Online
Original Title :
10 Sekunden
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Nicolai Rohde
Cast :
Marie Bäumer,Sebastian Blomberg,Filip Peeters
Writer :
Sönke Lars Neuwöhner,Sven Poser
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
10 Sekunden (2008) Online

Credited cast:
Marie Bäumer Marie Bäumer - Franziska Hofer
Sebastian Blomberg Sebastian Blomberg - Harald Kirchschläger
Filip Peeters Filip Peeters - Erik Loth
Hannah Herzsprung Hannah Herzsprung - Daniela
Anna Loos Anna Loos - Svenja Kirchschläger
Wolfram Koch Wolfram Koch - Markus Hofer
Harald Schrott Harald Schrott - Clemens
Irm Hermann Irm Hermann - Lisbeth Hofer
Rolf Kanies Rolf Kanies - Ebi Koch
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Olaf Burmeister Olaf Burmeister - Herr Leder
Hilmar Eichhorn Hilmar Eichhorn - Verwahrloster Mann
Bruno Grass Bruno Grass - Rezeptionist
Barbara Hahlweg Barbara Hahlweg - TV-Reporterin
Caspar Kaeser Caspar Kaeser - Michele
Tilla Kratochwil Tilla Kratochwil - Taxifahrerin

User reviews



The director clearly couldn't make up his mind whether to please his co-producers and churn out a conventional made-for-TV movie, or whether to impress his film school buddies with a postmodern patchwork of plot lines and perspectives. To make things worse, the script is based on a true story, but it doesn't *tell* that story, and even if you are a close follower of the air traffic control scene, chances are you won't know what's going on. I'll give it 5 of 10 anyway, on the grounds of a single memorable scene: Marie Bäumer's character Franziska has just lost her husband. She's on the phone with her secret long-time lover to arrange a consolatory rendezvous as her mother-in-law walks in. Time itself seems suspended for a split second. She could simply hang up and play the grieving widow. Or maybe not. Suffice it to say Franziska takes a dramatic decision that will define who she is once and for all. Judge for yourself, but that scene made my day.