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Love in the Rain (1971) Online

Love in the Rain (1971) Online
Original Title :
Love in the Rain
Genre :
Movie / Adult
Year :
Cast :
Laura Cannon,Shaun Costello,Jamie Gillis
Type :
Time :
Rating :

A rainy day forces four women to stay indoors. Bored, they decide to liven up the day by calling up some male friends to have sex with them.

Love in the Rain (1971) Online

A rainy day forces four women to stay indoors. Bored, they decide to liven up the day by calling up some male friends to have sex with them.
Uncredited cast:
Laura Cannon Laura Cannon - Maxine (uncredited)
Shaun Costello Shaun Costello - Shaun (uncredited)
Jamie Gillis Jamie Gillis - Steve (uncredited)

User reviews



He might have made some loops or other filler, but LOVE IN THE RAIN is so far the earliest unearthed feature film for recently-deceased Adult legend Jamie Gillis. Other than that it does not even qualify as a footnote in film history.

The only fun element of this 1-day wonder is the cast addressing the camera directly, confidentially. We're not talking TOM JONES, but at least it gives the action a slightly different tone.

Four women, led by the assertive Laura Cannon, have nothing to do on a rainy day, so they invite over three guys to service them. That's it in a nutshell.

The only point of interest occurs when wily old Shaun Costello, better known for his directorial accomplishments, plays a practical joke on poor Herb, fixing him up with two lesbians. After listening to Herb's whiny complaint, he relents and permits him sloppy seconds with intriguing looking Maria, but Herb turns out to be a limp noodle, and is humiliated, sent home a sexual failure.

The phony-baloney "enticing" notes on the Something Weird Dragon Arts Theatre Vol. 28 DVD-R promise a twist ending with Herb getting the last laugh, but that is pure invention on the part of the hopeless hack who apparently got free screeners in exchange for shilling. The least he could have done was actually watch the junk he's writing about.

Instead, for the finale horny Maria gets to sample Shaun's wares, and the picture ends with an extremely self-serving shot of her praising Costello and kissing his penis as if it were the Maltese Falcon (!). Perhaps SC directed this junker.

Something Weird reissued this film a second time on Vol. 84 of the Dragon Art Theatre series retitled as LOVE, HIPPIE STYLE, and the liner notes fail to correlate the two. This version is shorter, missing the beginning and the ending.

In his debut Gillis handles the sex adequately and for once in his life keeps his trap shut. Missing entirely is verbal domination babble and goofy patter/ad libs that for some reason have made him popular, and on the basis of this perfunctory appearance you'd never expect him to have made a mark at all in his chosen profession.