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Celebration (2008) Online

Celebration (2008) Online
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Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary
Year :
Cast :
Anthony Ainley,Colin Baker,Tom Baker
Type :
Creative Work
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Celebration (2008) Online

A Documentary looking at the making of the 5 Doctors the 20th Season and the celebrations at Longleat.
Credited cast:
Anthony Ainley Anthony Ainley - The Master (archive footage)
Colin Baker Colin Baker - Himself - Host
Tom Baker Tom Baker - Himself (archive footage)
David Banks David Banks - Cyberleader (archive footage)
Andrew Beech Andrew Beech - Himself
Stuart Blake Stuart Blake - Commander (archive footage)
Frank Bough Frank Bough - Himself (archive footage)
Andrew Boxer Andrew Boxer - Robin Stuart (archive footage)
Nicola Bryant Nicola Bryant - Herself (archive footage)
Paul Coia Paul Coia - Himself (archive footage)
Ian Collier Ian Collier - Omega (archive footage)
Paul Cornell Paul Cornell - Himself
Nicholas Courtney Nicholas Courtney - Himself
Peter Davison Peter Davison - Himself
Terrance Dicks Terrance Dicks - Himself

User reviews



Steve Broster has a gift. Its a gift that not all producers on this range have and where Broster is concerned he could do with doing some edit teaching on this DVD range. This documentary looks at the Five Doctors and the celebration period that surrounded it. It has to be said that the DVD of The Five Doctors is simply excellent It was nice to see that Broster in many ways has looked at some of the other producers who use specially made backgrounds and in a sense has copied what's been done. I think when, like me, you buy all the releases no matter what, you see how in the last year or so how this range's extra's has grown in Production Value. I think since Davros Connection's appeared the anti has well and truly be raised and Broster has stepped up the plate brilliantly. What Broster does edge ahead in is his story telling and he manages somehow to make it all entertaining. As far as I am concerned so long as Sheppard and Broster are working on this range we'll never have a dull moment. Brilliant doc, wonderfully presented by Colin Baker, my only question is - what was that building he was standing in front of? Plus perhaps a little less use of the 'fan' department would be nice! Well done to the production team.