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Kai xin gui 5 shang cuo shen (1991) Online

Kai xin gui 5 shang cuo shen (1991) Online
Original Title :
Kai xin gui 5 shang cuo shen
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Norman Chan,Raymond Bak-Ming Wong
Cast :
Raymond Bak-Ming Wong,Kris Aquino,Roger Kwok
Writer :
Clifton Ko
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Kai xin gui 5 shang cuo shen (1991) Online

A sweet tale about a young woman's dog that makes a deal with the Happy Ghost (Raymond Wong) to become human for 44 days. But after those days are over he must go and be reincarnated.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Raymond Bak-Ming Wong Raymond Bak-Ming Wong - The Happy Ghost / Magic the Human Dog (as Bak-Ming Wong)
Kris Aquino Kris Aquino - Kathy
Roger Kwok Roger Kwok - Jack Chiu
Vincent Kok Vincent Kok - George
Gwan Joh Law Gwan Joh Law - John
Jeffrey Ho Jeffrey Ho - Fatty Turtle
Sun Wong Sun Wong - Mr. Chan
Veronica Tsoi Veronica Tsoi - Michelle
Chi Fai Chan Chi Fai Chan - Supermarket Staff
Chi-Shing Chan Chi-Shing Chan - Supermarket Staff
Bo Fung Chui Bo Fung Chui - Kathy's Neighbor
Kant Leung Kant Leung - Taxi Driver
Wai-Kwong Tung Wai-Kwong Tung - Jack's Friend
Kwong Leung Wong Kwong Leung Wong - Bank Robber
Leung-Fat Lau Leung-Fat Lau - Bank Clerk

User reviews



This is the fifth and last installment of the Happy Ghost series and it bears little resemblance to the others. It doesn't take place in a school, it has all new characters and a new storyline. In this one, Raymond Wong is a human being who was a dog named Magic. Magic is owned by Kathy, the pretty Kris Aquino. Kathy goes to the U.S. for a week, leaving Magic in the care of her boyfriend Jack, who neglects Magic. Magic wanders to a temple, encounters the Happy Ghost and becomes human for three months. He re-meets Kathy and things happen, except she, of course, does not know the human Magic is really her dog. This film isn't bad, it has sweet moments and except for a few violent scenes wouldn't be a bad kid's film. It is a testament to Mr. Wong that he could make five good films based on one subject. This is probably the weakest of the five films because it has the least character development, but its okay. Watch all five, they're fun.


You can't expect too much from a low-budget asian film. But with that said, it was actually a good film as compared to other low budget asian films. The ever ubiquitous Kris Aquino spearheads this campy film along with relatively unknown chinese actors. Kris makes good of what little the movie offers by delivering a believable and squeaky-clean performance as a heartbroken ex dog-owner. When her dog Magic, gets reincarnated into a man by a Happy Ghost (God forgive the writers), her life turns into a love triangle with her new boyfriend getting fussy with the fully reincarnated Magic. But Magic has only 44 days as a human before he gets reincarnated into another fur ball. Will he be able to say what lies in his heart to his owner? bleh... All in all, the movie gave the viewers what they wanted. A fun, light-headed comedy without being pretentious. Maybe Matrix Reloaded can learn something from this.


This is the fifth and final movie in the Happy Ghost trilogy. The character Professor Hong Sam-Kwai does not make an appearance in this movie, but the actor who portrayed him, Raymond Wong, returns to reprise his role as Stewark Pik. Pik has since become a god and grants a woman's neglected dog's wish to become human. The dog, in human form, is also portrayed by Raymond Wong.

This filmmakers really thought outside their box when making this movie. While it is sweet and goes back to the innocence of the first two Happy Ghost films, this sequel is average at best. The plot is pretty slow and there are few intriguing moments. While the earlier Happy Ghost films are carefree and family-oriented, they at least captured the audience's attention with its ghostly fun and uplifting friendship themes. This film is too cute with its dog themes, the Stewart Pik character is limited and the Hong Sam Kwai character is sorely missed.

The actors, though, did a OK job in their performances, particularly Raymond Wong. There are some interesting moments, like the dog, in human form, trying to hide himself from the neglectful owner. There are also a few exciting action scenes, but this one is my least favorite of the Happy Ghost movies.

Grade C