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The Moment of Silence (2004) Online

The Moment of Silence (2004) Online
Original Title :
The Moment of Silence
Genre :
Video Game / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Martin Ganteföhr
Cast :
Vittorio Alfieri,Frank Barenberg,Hans Bayer
Writer :
Martin Ganteföhr,Martin Ganteföhr
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
The Moment of Silence (2004) Online

When his neighbor is forcefully removed by a SWAT team and disappears without a trace, Peter Wright uncovers a conspiracy of massive proportions.
Credited cast:
Vittorio Alfieri Vittorio Alfieri - Juan / Tauber Musiker (voice)
Frank Barenberg Frank Barenberg - Big Mike / Officer Smith (voice)
Hans Bayer Hans Bayer - Prediger / Dr. Price (voice)
Petra Glunz-Grosch Petra Glunz-Grosch - Mrs. Evans (voice)
Daniela Hoffmann Daniela Hoffmann - Mrs. Deborah Oswald (voice)
Gregor Höppner Gregor Höppner - Cypher / Bob / Obdachloser 3 (voice)
Hans-Gerd Kilbinger Hans-Gerd Kilbinger - Mr. Huntington (voice)
Jochen Kolenda Jochen Kolenda - Agent 1 / Brett (voice)
Manfred Lehmann Manfred Lehmann - Peter Wright (voice)
Axel Ludwig Axel Ludwig - Bill (voice)
Norman Matt Norman Matt - Brian (voice)
Alexander Schottky Alexander Schottky - Charlie / Lou (voice)
Ilya Welter Ilya Welter - Mrs. Winter (voice)

User reviews



What I always admired of adventure games was the fact that they could transform you into a world and make you part of this world! It is like reading a novel or watching a movie on a much more intense level! Of course this only works if the story and the game play are all right! Visually this game looks stunning! Let there be no question about that! The cinematic cut scenes that are in the game are a bit on the short side but beautifully rendered! And the characters look real! I had very mixed feelings about the story though! On the one hand I wanted to finish the game to see how it would end and on the other hand I could predict what was going on! I was hoping for some fantastic twist at the end or at least some tension throughout the game! Apart from 2 scenes in the game you never really get the feeling that you are in any danger! Which is a bit strange since this game is about a "big brother" like society where you are controlled every step of the way! The menacing society doesn't feel that menacing! This seriously hurts the story and the so called big mystery! The mystery that you have to solve manages to stay interesting to a point but ultimately stays mediocre and gets ruined by the game play! The game play at first reminds you of any other point and click adventures! This is not the case since the controls for moving your character are a bit frustrating! Normally if you have to go to another scene you just wait for an arrow to appear and click once or twice and you are in the other scene! In this game this never happens! You have to click in the direction you want to go and hope that the character will do so! Sometimes you will click to go right and he will go left! Also there is no travel/map system! You always have to walk yourself to a particular scene! This game consists of a lot of backtracking and running and without a decent speedup or travel system this can be very tedious! The dialog is actually enjoyable because of the wonderful voice acting! But does have the tendency too be very long and not really serve a purpose most of the time! All of this makes it really hard to enjoy the story! I am glad that there are still people out there who make games of this genre! We should appreciate the effort! And excluding the flaws the game can be enjoyable but don't expect too much!


I am a Die Hard fan of the point-and-click adventure game gender, even now at days when they are having a low streak I still thrive to find good titles, which are hard to find believe me, mostly you come up with average games that offer some kind of plus signs despite their flaws, however...

...Moment of Silence can be summarized in one word: CRAP! When I played through this heap of garbage... I was only comforted by the fact that I had bought Broken Sword 1 (my favorite game from way back) from Amazon and that was the game I was gonna play when this one was finished... for the first time in my life, I was disappointed of how LONG a game was, usually they don't last long enough but unfortunately this one didn't STOP lasting! Moment of silence has OVERLY long dialogs with limited purpose, POOR voice acting, average non interesting graphics and backgrounds, and not to mention... a HORRIBLE control system, its HARD to mess up a control system when you make a POINT-AND-CLICK adventure game but these people at House of Tales somehow managed to do so...

Avoid at all cost!!! If you want good adventure games: The Longest Journey and its sequel, Broken Sword series, Syberia 1 and 2, Tunguska Files and many more...