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Женщины-убийцы Thrill Killers (2008– ) Online

Женщины-убийцы Thrill Killers (2008– ) Online
Original Title :
Thrill Killers
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Crime
Year :
Directror :
John Mavety
Cast :
Lynnanne Zager,Janis Amatuzio,Daryl Barnes
Writer :
Paul Hawker
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Женщины-убийцы Thrill Killers (2008– ) Online

Deadly Women examines women who kill for the thrill of it including Melinda Loveless and her friends who young Shanda Sharer in Indiana, Brenda Spencer who went on a school shooting spree in California, and Tracey Wiggington who kills for blood in the so called 'lesbian Vampire murder' in Australia. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode credited cast:
Lynnanne Zager Lynnanne Zager - Narrator
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Janis Amatuzio Janis Amatuzio - Herself
Daryl Barnes Daryl Barnes - Himself - Retired School Teacher
Colleen Davidson Colleen Davidson - Herself - Brenda Spencer's Neighbor
Candice DeLong Candice DeLong - Herself
Amy Dymond Amy Dymond - Amanda Heavrin
Donn Foley Donn Foley - Himself - Recreational Hunter
Pat Glancy Pat Glancy - Himself - Retired Detective
Adrian Gundelach Adrian Gundelach - Himself - Criminal Lawyer
Amanda Heavrin Amanda Heavrin - Herself - Shanda Sharer's Friend
Steve Henry Steve Henry - Himself - Retired Detective
Kiera Horner Kiera Horner - Daughter
Cam Miller Cam Miller - Himself - Shooting Victim
Pip Moore Pip Moore - Toni Lawrence
Richard Sachs Richard Sachs - Himself - Deputy District Attorney

User reviews

The Rollers of Vildar

The Rollers of Vildar

Women who kill are few and far between, but on occasion they commit crimes that are so staggeringly evil and brutal they sicken not simply police officers but the worst elements amongst the supposedly stronger sex.

This 2008 documentary covers three notorious murders committed by females: the case of 12 year old Shanda Sharer, who in January 1992 suffered the most horrific death imaginable - her killers were all teenage girls; "lesbian vampire killer" Tracey Wigginton; and the best known if not the most notorious, school shooter Brenda Spencer – who actually killed two men, and but for their heroism would have claimed many more victims.

The four killers of Shanda Sharer were soon brought to book, one of them turning herself in shortly afterwards. Toni Lawrence – the only truly reluctant party - was released after 9 years; another was released in April 2006. The other two are both likely to be behind bars until at least the next decade; they are Laurie Tackett who was 17 at the time; and the prime mover, the aptly named Melinda Loveless. Although there was technically only one victim, Shanda's grieving father drank himself to death at 53.

There is a pathetic attempt here if not to excuse then to mitigate this crime by claiming that all the perpetrators were victims of childhood abused. So abused they were driving around in Tackett's car.

It is claimed too that Brenda Spencer was likewise a victim of (sexual) abuse; Spencer has made such claims herself, but the girl who famously didn't like Mondays is still behind bars. The only thing that can truly be held against her single parent father is that it was he who bought her the murder weapon, but be honest folks, could he really have seen that coming?

The 1994 Wigginton case, from Australia, is bizarre beyond belief. She and her lesbian lover were both convicted of murder; one of the other four defendants was convicted of manslaughter, and the fourth was acquitted.

There are reconstructions and among other things, interviews with Shanda's mother and school shooting survivor Cam Miller.