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A Four-Footed Cupid (1913) Online

A Four-Footed Cupid (1913) Online
Original Title :
A Four-Footed Cupid
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
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A Four-Footed Cupid (1913) Online

Spot's master, Jack Fowler, and pretty Alice Bliss are sweethearts. They are very fond of each other and also of Spot. But, alas, one day they have a falling out. Alice flings her engagement ring at Jack and walks away, determined never to forgive him. The two lovers spend a very lonely afternoon, and at length each decides to write the other an apology, making an appointment for the next day, but then, suddenly remembering their former wrath, they change their minds. Fortunately, Spot has an inspiration. He sees the letter sticking out of his master's pocket, and, taking it in his mouth, runs to mall it. He then goes to see Alice, who has left her letter on the table, and, absorbed in her sorrow, does not notice Spot as he enters the room, jumps upon the table, and, taking the letter, carries it off to the post box also. The next day Jack and Alice receive the apologies and eagerly make their way to the appointed rendezvous. With a little further assistance from Spot, they kiss and ...

Released in the US as a split reel along with the comedy Laughing Billy (1913).

Original French title is undetermined.