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Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens (1997) Online

Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens (1997) Online
Original Title :
Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary
Year :
Directror :
Scott Allen
Cast :
Jami Ferrell,Melissa Holliday,Jessica Lee
Writer :
Christian Garton,Marsha Hunt
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Playboy: Voluptuous Vixens (1997) Online

Cast overview, first billed only:
Jami Ferrell Jami Ferrell - Herself
Melissa Holliday Melissa Holliday - Herself
Jessica Lee Jessica Lee - Herself
Shae Marks Shae Marks - Herself
Stacy Sanches Stacy Sanches - Herself
Carrie Stevens Carrie Stevens - Herself
Kimber West Kimber West - Herself
Carrie Westcott Carrie Westcott - Herself
Amanda Amanda - Herself
Christy Carrera Christy Carrera - Herself
Busty Dusty Busty Dusty - Herself
SaRenna Lee SaRenna Lee - Herself
Sabrina Sabrina - Herself
Kim Sanches Kim Sanches - Herself
Traci Topps Traci Topps - Herself (as Tracy Topps)

User reviews



Okay we both know why someone would watch this - it's a sixty minute parade of some attractive women showing off their bodies and big breasts. Naturally a good portion of the video goes towards these segments where these busty ladies (some more busty than others) dance or strip in various locales and settings with some typical cliché scenes you'd expect in this kinda thing making an appearance. Hotel cleaning ladies dressed in french maid outfits for instance and the regulatory Bathtub segment.

The fore-mentioned french maid fantasy dream sequence is rather memorable given the scene's brunette who really kicks it into high gear. It's not explicit, but she's does one particularly suggestively hot move unseen and unheard of in playboy softcore features. Otherwise the Marilyn Monroe-like segment featuring the extremely busty Sarenna Lee stands out in mind as does a bar dream sequence featuring my favorite busty lady Traci Topps. The low point during the whole thing has to be a segment where some playmates pretend and pretend pretty badly to play instruments. It hurt to watch.

Throughout all the boob-related video montages, we get boob meister Russ Meyer himself who breaks in for a chat about what else -- breasts. This is perhaps the part you're most likely to fast forward thru. Overall Playboy has once again delivered a moderately satisfying video of the respectable softcore type. If this sort of material is up your alley and you especially like big boobs then take a look. Not all of the scenes are golden, but it certainly beats an unsatisfying T&A flick.


the scene with traci in the bar with the bartender is realistic and funny. her short blue dress allows us to size her hips and but. so when the bartender is spilling drinks, and falling down we all can relate, since any red-blooded American boy would stare at her chest. add to that her laugh seems very real. the only change I would have made is to have one of her girl friends at the bar with her. you know, double the pleasure. when she is naked on the bar and her breast touches the bar...wow! wish she did not retire. she is one sexy sagittarius.though the other ladies are also well endowed, she is topps, with a capital T. stacy sanches gets points as one luscious latino, yet traci does it for me.


The legendary goddess SaRenna Lee is the sexiest,beautiful,most gorgeous,woman in porn,she is a sexual power house, sultry, seductive and really hot, she is a must see . Playboy's first voluptuous vixen , SaRenna appeared twenty times on the cover of Score magazine, more than any other woman , Score put her into there busty hall of fame a title no other woman can claim . SaRenna has appeared in more mens magazines than any other woman in history , truly the queen of porn . Ther are thousand's of pictures of her on SaRenna's World .com and there is not one bad one,there is also many great video's of her and they are some of her best , pictures and in film she is the sexiest woman that there is .

Thank You SaRenna .


This video has a lot of huge busted ladies but the reason I saw it was because of Stacy Sanches. Stacy and Carry Westcot are dancing in a park in front of a fountain what can I say it is a 20 out of a 10.