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Doppio Piacere 2 (2006) Online

Doppio Piacere 2 (2006) Online
Original Title :
Doppio Piacere 2
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult
Year :
Directror :
Francesco Fanelli
Cast :
Electra Angels,Katy Caro,Brigitta Kocsis
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Doppio Piacere 2 (2006) Online

Credited cast:
Electra Angels Electra Angels
Katy Caro Katy Caro
Brigitta Kocsis Brigitta Kocsis - (as Brigitta Bui)
Liza Liza
Susanna White Susanna White

User reviews



"Doppio Piacere" is Italian for "Double Pleasure". Yes, as you might have guessed from the title, this is a double penetration movie. I'm a huge fan of double penetration. I love to watch a girl take one cock up her ass and another cock up her pussy simultaneously. I love how double penetration really brings women pleasure. There is nothing better in porn than seeing a woman really enjoying herself. And there is nothing that give women joy like DP.

Because I really enjoy watching DP, I tend to give DP movies a higher score than other porn movies. If a porn movie has DP, some hot women and isn't totally ruined by bad angles and extreme close ups, I pretty much give it at least a 9 out of 10. This is just that kind of a film. This movie contains 5 scenes were every girl takes on 2 guys at once. We have some not so hot chicks and some really hot chicks in this movie and they all get double stuffed. The camera work is also solid in this one, although it would have been better with some different angles here and there.

All of the scenes, except one, have some kind of story or setup to them. I like a little back story to a scene, but here the setups didn't really bring that much to the overall scenes. The best scene was the first scene with the lovely Brigitta Bulgari. Brigitta is one of the most beautiful women in the history of porn. I absolutely love this girl and I love watching her get DP:ed. Brigitta looked stunning as usual. The scene started out with Brigitta stripping for the guys. The guys put her down on the sofa and undressed her leather boots. They also gave her pussy a lick, before they pulled out their dicks. Brigitta looks so sexy with a cock in her mouth. There is some nice "fucking" and sucking taking place before they get to the double pleasure. First the guys DP Brigitta in the reverse cowgirl position and then they DP her in the cowgirl position. Too bad we don't get to see much of Brigitta's smoking hot body during the DP. The scene ends with the guys unloading in Brigitta's ass. Compared to many other DP scenes with Brigitta Bulgari, this didn't quite measure up. But it's still a really good scene.

In the second scene we see Katy Caro take on two guys. I didn't like the lingerie outfit that Katy was wearing, but at least her tits were visible. Katy is a good looking girl with a nice body and a beautiful face. The scene started out with some "cocksucking" and moved on to some "fucking" and some more "cocksucking". The DP was nice as well. First the guys DP:ed Katy in the cowgirl position and then, like in the scene before, in the reverse cowgirl. I loved how the guy "fucking" her ass during the DP pulled out a couple of times and gave Katy a taste of her own asshole. In the following scene we see Electra Angels take on her two guys. Electra has a great body and she really enjoys herself in this scene. If Brigitta Bulgari wasn't so "fucking" beautiful this would have been the best scene in the movie. It was a absolute joy watching this girl get double stuffed. Electra did a good job in the rest of the scene too, especially when she was sucking cock.

The last two scenes weren't as good as the first three. That was just because Liza and Susanna (Orsay) are much less attractive compared to the other 3 girls. However, both girls enjoyed the DP a lot. All in all this is a good movie and if you enjoy all things DP like I do, you will probably enjoy this movie. However if you're looking for really hard DP scenes, then this movie isn't for you.