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TV Series / Animation / Action / Family / Sci-Fi
Cast :
Michael Bell,Arthur Burghardt,Corey Burton
Type :
TV Series
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Robotix Online

An Earthling crew of astronauts lose control, and crash land onto the warring planet of Skallor, housing alien races known as the "Protectons" and "Terracores." Huge war robots, the Robotix, are used to re-animate the souls of the deceased alien races. As several of the astronaut crew stray towards evil-doing, the good members use the help of the Robotix to help them get back to Earth.
Series cast summary:
Michael Bell Michael Bell - Lupis / - 1 episode, 1985
Arthur Burghardt Arthur Burghardt - Argus / - 1 episode, 1985
Corey Burton Corey Burton - Goon / - 1 episode, 1985
Peter Cullen Peter Cullen - Nemesis / - 1 episode, 1985
Pat Fraley Pat Fraley - Exeter Galaxon 1 episode, 1985
Jason Naylor Jason Naylor - Zarru 1 episode, 1985
Neil Ross Neil Ross - Flexor / - 1 episode, 1985
Susan Silo Susan Silo - Narra 1 episode, 1985
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Bront / - 1 episode, 1985

This series was later compiled into the ROBOTIX movie for syndication purposes.

Marvel comics made a short lived comic based on the cartoon. A commercial for the comic was made and aired on Saturday mornings.

Robotix (1985) suffered from many of the same problems as Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (1985). The Robotix toy line featured modular building sets that generally resembled space combat vehicles and were marketed as such. The cartoon characters were completely different. For example, Tyrannix was a building set that built a spaceship, but the character on the cartoon was a humanoid robot. Also, the sets included a generic commander while the cartoon featured human characters. Unlike Wheeled Warriors, the Robotix cartoon did not continue on it's own.

The ROBOTIX toys were advertised as being modular space vessels, but in the cartoon they were represented as giant robots with the implanted consciousnesses of ancient humanoids who had gone into suspended animation when their sun went nova. This may have been what led to the downfall of the toy line in the mid-1980s.

The cartoon had the same premise as the later cartoon Beast Wars: Transformers (1997).