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Bob the Builder Magnetic Lofty (1998– ) Online

Bob the Builder Magnetic Lofty (1998– ) Online
Original Title :
Magnetic Lofty
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Family
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
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Rating :
Bob the Builder Magnetic Lofty (1998– ) Online

Mr. Bentley is organising some town improvements: Wendy is to clear the old railway track to make a cycle path, while Bob turns a rubbish dump into a park. Lofty is fitted with a magnet to help shift the rails, and Muck is loaded up with old rails and sleepers to take to the dump. At the site of the dump, Mr. Bentley drops his best pen, which gets covered with turf as Bob lays the lawn. Muck and Lofty - his magnet covered with old scrap iron - arrive on the scene, to be told that they should have gone to the new dump down the road. However, when Mr. Bentley misses his pen, Bob thinks of using Lofty's magnet to find it underneath the turf. With the pen retrieved, Bob adds to the town improvements by turning the old rails and sleepers into a park bench.