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New York Originals
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TV Series / Documentary / History
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TV Series
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New York Originals Online

Celebrating classic mom and pop businesses that have stood the test of time in New York City.

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A quirky, slightly offbeat presentation of some long standing but unique, businesses in New York City. Many have been around since the early 1900's and have an exclusive clientèle. 8 to 10 minute snippets of 3 or 4 places per episode, the show is produced, directed and hosted by Jamie McDonald and includes conversations with owners, employees and customers of the establishments presented. I became interested because I had been at one of these places many years ago, and just happened to catch it as I was turning channels. I watched other episodes and saw that I knew of a few more and now plan to visit some of the restaurants and bars that have been featured. Needless to say, I liked this show a lot and recommend it to anyone with a nostalgic or historic interest. I wish there were more episodes available. Watch this program at least once just for the fund of it. It was on a PBS Station