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Cinderella (2013) Online

Cinderella (2013) Online
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Movie / Music
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Jeff Tudor
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Anna Tysgankova,Matthew Golding
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Cinderella (2013) Online

Cast overview:
Anna Tysgankova Anna Tysgankova - Cinderella
Matthew Golding Matthew Golding - Prince Guillaume

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Prokoviev's 'Cinderella' is in the shadow perhaps of 'Romeo and Juliet', but is every bit as wonderful a ballet. Saw it at the Hippodrome in Birmingham in my first year at the Conservatoire and have never forgotten the production or the ballet itself.

This production has a couple of faults, but is excellent all the same. Starting with the faults, the 3D effects tend to distract rather than enhance and don't always make the dancing as clear as it should be. The lighting occasionally gaudy and could have done with more variety.

Some of the close ups are not always kind to Matthew Golding, which does betray the occasional lack of expression. The second act also drags just a tad, but is wholly compensated by the elegant and witty dancing and the right amount of humour, which is hilarious with the step-sisters and magic, with a poignant ending.

Faults aside, the costumes and sets are quite spectacular and expansive, and there is some inspired and imaginative use of video projection, which actually makes the production more interesting to look at. The story is beautifully told through some genuinely funny and witty humour, great emotion and a real sense of enchantment towards the end of Act 1 with the fairy divertissements. Also really appreciated more of a story for the prince, who often in adaptations of the popular fairy tale can be bland, and the development of the younger step-sister, who is portrayed with a reluctant bitchiness and then a more sympathetic edge.

You cannot mention a production of 'Cinderella without mentioning the choreography and dancing, both of which phenomenal throughout. The choreography is sometimes quite complex but made effortless by the dancers, with a superb mix of wit without being overdone, intimacy (such as the Pas-De-Deux), poignancy such as towards the end without being mawkish and enchantment like towards the end of Act 1 with the transformation.

Not only is the dancing so brilliantly done, but everyone play their roles with feeling and real connection to their characters. Anna Tsygankova is just captivating in the title role, with a lot of elegance and delicacy in her dancing and her interpretation has much nuance and dimension without being vapid or a push-over. Matthew Golding is occasionally lacking in facial expression, but is on the whole a charming Prince with a very powerful yet graceful dance technique. Larissa Lezhnina is clearly enjoying her role of the stepmother and is suitably nasty, while Nadia Yanowsky and especially Megan Zimny-Gray are spot on as the step-sisters.

Musically, the production is also outstanding, the orchestral playing constantly rouses and glitters and the conducting is sympathetic and alert. Regarding the DVD itself, video directing is mostly fine and the picture and sound quality are top-notch.

On the whole, an excellent production, well worth checking out. 8/10 Bethany Cox
Skunk Black

Skunk Black

In this production by the Dutch National ballet, the classic fairy tale of Cinderella retains all of its charm and adds the new element: dancing. Based on the classic Prokofiev ballet and featuring his intriguing, quirky music, all of the story's features are here. Cinderella (Anna Tsygankova) loses her mother at a young age and visits her grave often. Unhappily for her, father remarries a widow with two conceited daughters and Cinderella is relegated to being the housekeeper, for Father fails to chastise his new wife. The Prince (Matthew Golding) announces a ball and the stepsisters are invited but Cinderella is not. On the night of the ball, Cinderella is met by magical folk who change her drab appearance with a beautiful gown and slippers and create a coach to escort her to the ball. There, the Prince is transfixed by Cinderella alone, much to the anger of tipsy stepmother and mean stepsisters. When the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella rushes off, loses a slipper, and makes it out before the magic ends. Finally, the Prince searches far and wide for the lady who fits the slipper, creating long lines of females willing to try it on. But, only Cinderella is a match and the Prince marries her to pursue happily ever after. If you have seen many takes on this tale from feature films to animation, try this one, too. It retains all of the charm, humor, and pathos of the tale but adds the enchanting aspect of fantastic ballet. Tsygankova and Golding are fabulous dancers and the production's sets, costumes, choreography, and supporting dancers make for an amazing, light-as-air experience. Prokofiev's music is not always melodic but has its intriguing aspects which pave the way to appreciating more modern music, too. In short, try to find this very special film.