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She jian shang de Zhong guo Online

She jian shang de Zhong guo  Online
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She jian shang de Zhong guo
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TV Series / Documentary
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TV Series
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She jian shang de Zhong guo Online

Pull up a stool and get your chopsticks ready - A Bite of China is the quintessential TV series on all things Chinese cuisine - from its rich history to the rarest dishes and wildest ingredients. Shot in more than 60 locations and featuring top chefs of the culinary world - it will surprise even the most jaded foodies around. (Chinese with English subtitles)

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I find this show quite interesting, mostly because of the food. I am Bulgarian and I watched it during some of the Chinese classes my friend and I had. I really like Chinese culture, an old powerful civilization, managed to save all the incredible traditions and customs in cooking, created thousands of years ago. I think the one of the most popular thongs the world knows about China is its cuisine (after of course the poor products, I apologize to every Chinese reading this) and its amazing variety. And there, in this show, are introduced some of the most delicious and, sometimes, quite expensive Chinese meals. Although I do not really like the most of the foods in it, I like the clear introducing by the American reporters which, if you re-watch enough times a specific episode, gives you the ability to cook some of the dishes yourself (maybe not exactly as it is shown). Also it is good to know things about other countries and cultures. And if I go to China I will be able to choose among the best meals and I will look very smart and informed (which is not a lie). So what I can say is only: "Enjoy watching".