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Dream Tower (1994) Online

Dream Tower (1994) Online
Original Title :
Dream Tower
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Directror :
Ron Mann
Writer :
Len Blum,Ron Mann
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Dream Tower (1994) Online

Dream Tower chronicles Toronto's most notorious social experiment of the sixties. Inspired by cultural critic Paul Goodman, philosophies of alternative education, and the decade's political upheaval, a group of young idealists established Rochdale as a free university and student residence in 1968. Rochdale's founders envisioned an enlightened community of self-educators, and the first 100 or so students, earnestly studying subjects such as Heidegger and anarchism in eight-hour seminars, made the dream seem possible. But they didn't anticipate that some people wouldn't know what to do with freedom, that hippies kicked out of Yorkville would overrun the building, or that drug-dealing motorcycle gangs would camp out in the lobby.
Credited cast:
Paul Evitts Paul Evitts

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If all you know of Canada are mountains and hockey, Dream Tower will show you a different side of the country. It is a brief (60 min.) history of Rochdale College, which was a highrise in downtown Toronto that was converted into an alternative college associated with the University of Toronto in the late 60's to early 70's. The story is a microcosm of the decade as idealism declines into decadence and lunacy resulting in the police hauling everyone out of the building and converting it to seniors' residences. Some fun archival footage of earnest Canadian hippies makes this an easy watch.