» » The Worst Witch Alarms and Diversions (1998–2001)

The Worst Witch Alarms and Diversions (1998–2001) Online

The Worst Witch Alarms and Diversions (1998–2001) Online
Original Title :
Alarms and Diversions
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Horror / Family / Adventure / Fantasy
Year :
Cast :
Katy Allen,Maria Bircher,Harshna Brahmbhatt
Writer :
Garry Lyons
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Worst Witch Alarms and Diversions (1998–2001) Online

Miss Cackle decides it's time to upgrade the school's alarm system and Mr. Blossom, the handyman, has concocted a wonderful contraption with levers and pulleys all around the school. It is not wholly reliable and inevitable false alarms ensue. Meanwhile, the girls are learning finger sparks to enhance the effect of Spells with Miss Hardbroom. Of course Ethel delicately zaps away one pine cone, while Mildred puts a hole in the cupboard door. Not all the Hallows are at the top of the class though, as Sybil fails her broomstick flying test. Mildred tries to make her feel more comfortable, but for some reason, she always seems to say the wrong thing. Things work themselves out though, when there is a genuine emergency in the school - created of course by Ethel and Drusilla - Mildred rises to the occasion, helped by her use of an overactive spell. She manages to save Sybil from a perilous situation and is awarded Cackle's Academy Medal for bravery.
Episode credited cast:
Katy Allen Katy Allen - Ethel Hallow (as Katie Allen)
Maria Bircher Maria Bircher - Maud Moonshine (voice)
Harshna Brahmbhatt Harshna Brahmbhatt - Jadu Wali
Emma Brown Emma Brown - Maud Moonshine
Clare Coulter Clare Coulter - Miss Cackle
Kate Duchêne Kate Duchêne - Miss Constance Hardbroom
Joanna Dyce Joanna Dyce - Ruby Cherrytree
Carrie Finlay Carrie Finlay - Sybil (voice)
Jessica Fox Jessica Fox - Enid Nightshade
Isla Graham Isla Graham - Clarice Crow
Berwick Kaler Berwick Kaler - Frank Blossom
Charlotte Knowles Charlotte Knowles - Sybil Hallow
Claire Porter Claire Porter - Miss Drill
Charlotte Powell Charlotte Powell - Harriet Goodcharm
Holly Rivers Holly Rivers - Drusilla Paddock