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The Room (2001) Online

The Room (2001) Online
Original Title :
The Room
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Rutger Hauer,Erik Lieshout
Cast :
Rutger Hauer,Mattijn Hartemink
Writer :
Harry Mulisch,Erik Lieshout
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Room (2001) Online

A narrator describes his fascination with an open window that he used to pass by every day as a child. He could hear music coming from an unseen room in a house in his neighborhood. Many years later, now an old man, he buys the house not knowing it is the very same that caught his imagination. At the end of his life, he finally understands the reason for his childhood obsession.
Complete credited cast:
Rutger Hauer Rutger Hauer - Harry
Mattijn Hartemink Mattijn Hartemink - Young Harry

Rutger Hauer's directorial debut.

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Rutger Hauer just sits in an near empty room with a soundtrack playing consisting of twangy guitars and haunting piano melodies, he talks about how as a twenty year old he first heard music coming from a flat and how he became 'mesmerised' by the piano music emitting from the room, later we see that this is the place that he is seeing out the rest of his life, as he is dying from some sort of brain illness.

when Hauer talks, i could not help feeling that he was talking about himself- past loves, pets, people he sees etc. etc. you the viewer, come away feeling a lifetime has flashed before your eyes in just ten minutes-this is a tale of past reflection, perhaps semi-autobiographical from Hauer's point or maybe it's simply because he is a brilliant actor who was always everybody's favourite Hollywood psycho.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hauer at the 2005 Sarasota Film Festival for the U.S. premier of this film. Not only was he gracious enough to autograph my copy of BLADE RUNNER, he took the time to answer some questions about the film before screening THE ROOM for a packed theatre.

I was so impressed by the film that I used it as the yardstick by which to compare all other films I had seen at the festival. It was powerful and moving, yet subtle and brief. The film tells the story of how a young man, (older version played by Rutger) one day finds himself entranced by a seemingly ordinary room in an unremarkable building near the street. Walking by, he notices a single window, always open, from which a haunting melody can be heard. Each day, he passes by the room, sometimes standing for hours outside, watching it through the silken drapes that flutter in the light breeze, hoping to get a glimpse of its occupants. Towards the end of the film, we find out how significant this room really is and what has drawn our protagonist to it.

The film was cut beautifully. Not a second of screen time was wasted on an uninteresting shot. Any single frame from the film could stand alone in an art gallery. Rutger is amazing. He is mysterious, yet approachable. His dialogue encompasses a series of reflections on a life that has run it's course, for better or worse. His words conjure familiar feelings and thoughts from the audience. I was particularly moved by a scene in which he is looking at some old photos, remembering his favourite dog, his favourite horse and his first love. You get the feeling that you are in his presence, as he allows you into his world to glimpse precious memories of a life that is nearing its end.

I loved this film and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something fresh, intelligent and moving. Should be required viewing for all film majors.


Co-directed by and starring Rutger Hauer, this film short was based on a short story by Dutch writer Harry Murlisch.

In the 10 minutes of the film's length you will get to see a life-time as 'Harry' unravels his long-time fascination with a room he passes constantly in his youth. Returning to the city many years later he finds he has rented the same room.

Using black and white film the textures are accentuated in this delicate telling of a tale. The voice of 'Harry' drawing you into his world.

A subtle, tight performance from Rutger Hauer and 2 non-speaking characters. Wonderful soundtrack by Dutch musician Dyzack.

At the moment difficult to see this movie as it is only available on DVD region 2 "L'infidele" (Liv Ullman) as a bonus track. But is due to be on the re-released DVD of "The Hitcher" - another tight, but very different performance from Hauer!

See this film if you can!
Silver Globol

Silver Globol

I rarely watch short films as they only seem to be on late night television and are not publicised enough for me to know which short films are worth while. As The Room is an extra feature on The Hitcher DVD, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to witness a high quality short with Rutger Hauer in excellent form.

Artistically shot in black and white, The Room explores a man's obsession with a room he passed by in the early stages of adulthood and is expressed in a documentary/ interview style. The dialogue is very poetic, typical of a man expressing his feelings for a woman, but is also juxtaposed with ramblings and occasional deficiencies in fluency. This adds great realism and depth to Hauer's performance who is perfect as an eccentric man with most of his life behind him.

The piano music that Harry (Hauer) hears from the room is constantly in the background and enhances the touching atmosphere of the film and intensifies the feelings of sadness expressed by Hauer.

Hauer proves he is more than just a psychotic Hollywood bad guy with this role and perfectly displays his more sensitive side. Mattijn Hartemink is also effective in the flashback scenes as young Harry with a silent role. He shows how affected he is by the music and his disappointment when it goes away.

The ending is prophetic and leaves you in a reflective mood longer than many feature length films. A very good effort.


It must be so difficult to tell a story where not much happens, yet still grip the viewers attention. I think this short film achieves this with effortless quality. Rutger has an amazing voice that is very soothing, wise and fatherly, (I'm not gay) it reminds of the qualities that Robert Redford has in narrating. The end is very sad, but beautiful. One wonders how long Harry has left, will he be lonely and will he get to say his goodbyes? Also one gets annoyed at Mr Hauer for not getting involved in more work of this caliber. Lets hope he continues to do fine work in Holland and stays away from Hollywood.

Worth Watching


this a haunting piece of work.its only ten minutes long but i would sooner pay ten bucks into the cinema to see this than to see any full lenght movie currently doing the rounds. it is a simple piece of a man's reflection.he arrived a young man in this place and was mesmerised by a room and the music coming from it...and now here he sits,dying in old age in this place he so fondly connects to his youth. the music in it is brilliant,the guitars have that jazz-room twang like neil young's music in dead man. if you get the chance,watch this film.its worth it.if rutger hauer made more films like this i think he would get more respect than he gets.at the moment you hear him put under phrases like "everybody's favourite psycho".im sure that is not what rutger would want to be rememered as an actor for.he also directed this film,so in this shows that he a very artistic actor/director.a change from the b-grade movies he has been doing since the early 90's.i hope to see more of this rutger hauer as he is one of my favourite actors.


"The Room" is a 10-minute black-and-white short film from almost 15 years ago. It was the first directorial effort by Rutger Hauer, one of the most known movie stars from Holland ever. He directed the film with Erik Lieshout, who also co-wrote the script. But even if it is a Dutch production, the language is English, so you will not need any subtitles if you're American. Hauer directed 2 more short films in the 10 years after that, but this one here is probably his most known. These 10 minutes are basically a one-man show for Hauer who also stars in here. His character keeps talking about a room that had a very special impact on him for some reason. While I thought Hauer did a fine job with the directing, I was never really impressed with the script and also the final twist is really more pretentious than interesting. They tried to make something very artistic here, but in my opinion they failed. It certainly also did not help that this film seemed to take itself so seriously all the time. It was almost a bit on the cringeworthy side at times. All in all, a disappointment. Not recommended.