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The Substitute Heiress (1912) Online

The Substitute Heiress (1912) Online
Original Title :
The Substitute Heiress
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Short
Year :
Cast :
Arthur V. Johnson,Lottie Briscoe,Howard M. Mitchell
Type :
Rating :
The Substitute Heiress (1912) Online

James Stillman, a young western millionaire, calls upon his New York broker, Arnold Winchester, who invites him to his country home. Winchester, however, receives a telegram which prevents him from going, but he sends Stillman and also sends a telegram to his daughter Emily, to entertain him. Emily receives the telegram just as she is about to leave on an automobile trip with her fiancé, William, and a couple of friends. They are all greatly disappointed until Chase suggests dressing Emily's Ruth in Emily's clothes and letting her play hostess during Emily's absence. The plan is adopted and Ruth is left to entertain Stillman. Stillman arrives and Ruth acts as hostess. They are greatly impressed with each other and before Stillman leaves they fall in love. Ruth is left very unhappy because she believes her love for Stillman is hopeless in view of her station, and Stillman is brought to earth with a thud soon after when he receives an invitation to Emily Winchester's wedding. He goes to... {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Arthur V. Johnson Arthur V. Johnson - James Stillman
Lottie Briscoe Lottie Briscoe - Ruth - the Substitute Heiress
Howard M. Mitchell Howard M. Mitchell - Arnold Winchester

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A situation such as is offered in this picture, is sure to be popular. It shows a man, who happens to be a millionaire, from the West, breaking through all the artificialities of modern life and marrying his hostess' maid whom he knows and whom the spectators know to be a worth-while woman. The man is played by Arthur Johnson. Lottie Briscoe plays the girl. The Westerner comes to New York to do business with a broker whose office is on a very rural Wall Street. This man is called away and sends the Westerner down to his country home at the seaside. His daughter makes her maid play the lady and entertain the stranger while she goes to a friend's home. He falls in love with what he thinks is his friend's daughter and is shocked to get an invitation to her wedding (it is made an announcement, a bad mistake, for it confuses the action). At the ceremony, which he attends, he is glad to find that the girl he loves is not getting married. A very entertaining, not an artistic offering. - The Moving Picture World, November 16, 1912