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Canes (2006) Online

Canes (2006) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Micheal Bafaro
Cast :
Edward Furlong,Chandra West,Michael Madsen
Writer :
Michael Angelella
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

David Goodman is on the pick of his career as a PR executive when he suddenly loses his chance for a big promotion and, unfortunately, his sight at a street attack. Soon after a message is ... See full summary

Canes (2006) Online

David Goodman is on the pick of his career as a PR executive when he suddenly loses his chance for a big promotion and, unfortunately, his sight at a street attack. Soon after a message is left on his answering machine about a doctor, named Guillermo List, who can help David to regain his eyesight and get his career back on track with only price... his soul.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Edward Furlong Edward Furlong - David Goodman
Chandra West Chandra West - Lisa Goodman
Michael Madsen Michael Madsen - Guillermo List
Richard Stroh Richard Stroh - Scar
Sandra Steier Sandra Steier - Anika Sams
John Innes John Innes - Roger Eno
Tobias Mehler Tobias Mehler - Tony Sturkel
Kim Kondrashoff Kim Kondrashoff - Phil Brotman
Robert Clarke Robert Clarke - Mr. Walters
Jenny Mitchell Jenny Mitchell - Jenny
Michael Bean Michael Bean - Jonathan
Patrick Keating Patrick Keating - Walter Van Tilburg
Zak Santiago Zak Santiago - Antique Dealer
Lexie Huber Lexie Huber - Mrs. Randolph
Paul Jarrett Paul Jarrett - Harry Conlan

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The PR David Goodman (Edward Furlong) expects to be promoted in the agency where he works but he loses the opportunity to his colleague Tony (Tobias Mehler). While upset at home with his wife Lisa (Chandra West), David sees a man near his car; when he approaches, the stranger sprays some chemicals on his face and David becomes blind. Later David receives a message in his answering machine with the proposal of Dr. Guillermo List (Michael Madsen) for recovering his vision and he offers anything to regain his sight. Dr. List gives an ancient cane with a devil face to David that recovers his eyesight but is possessed by an evil demon, ascending in his career but with a high-price.

"Canes" is really a bad movie: first there are many stories of evil covenants or secret societies; therefore the plot is not even original. The flawed screenplay is terrible, with an imbecile development, characters that comes and dies without any consequence, unanswered situations, silly twists, a corny conclusion associated to very poor special effects. There is one specific scene that is absolutely ridiculous, when Lisa is stabbed with David's cane on her chest and then she runs like hell without any blood or consequences. But the worse is the acting, mainly of the lead and once promising actor Edward Furlong; he is awful, completely miscast for the role of David Goodman, shorter than Chandra West and wearing a suit that probably belongs to his father. The decadent Michael Madsen keeps the (low) level of his last performances and Chandra West is the best that this movie may offer to the viewers. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "O Escolhido" ("The Chosen")


"The Covenant: Brotherhood Of Evil" has basically the same title as the "gay" "The Covenant", but it's different.

The Plot: David Goodman (Furlong) is a young businessman on the rise. He's blinded by a random criminal and he wants revenge. He then meets Guillermo List (Madsen) who gives him an evil cane (yes, a walking cane...) to exact his vengeance. But it gets out of hand and now the powers of evil are after him!

As you can tell, the plot to this cinematic sludge is silly. If you want a good laugh, watch this. Furlong is miscast and he looks awful. He's packed on some weight and the suits he wears in the film are so tight on him, they're bursting at the seams. Madsen is okay, but once again he's there for a paycheck. He does have obviously fake facial hair. It looks glued on.

Overall, "The Covenant: Brotherhood Of Evil" is a very ridiculous film that's worth watching for the unintentional laughs.

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I just saw "Canes" on the pay-TV channel here in British Columbia, and since it was also filmed here I guess that is fitting, and I can also recommend the beautiful scenery! The movie itself, however, was shot on a nothing budget, and contains average performances by all the leads except Furlong, who has not reached any of the potential he showed in his earlier films from the 90's. The most surprising thing about the movie is that the special effects - especially on this budget - are better than the plot (which I'll only describe as "horror"). Somehow, this film was shown at Cannes last month (Canes, Cannes, Uma, Oprah...), but I cannot imagine sitting and watching this film anywhere but at home, as it is slow and not very horrific either. But if you have nothing better to do, and it is free, then...


If you watch Mrs. Goodman drive around town, one second she is driving a BMW, next second it's an Audi. Also the license plate rotates from one to the next, never on the same car twice. Early in the movie she said Furlongs character bought a Porsche. Never did see it. I got this movie by mistake as there was two movies with the name "The Covenant". This one and the good one. I think the producers figured on riding on the name to get people like me confused and rent their video. If it wasn't for the name, it wouldn't make it on it's own. Michael Madsen really stooped low for this role. The make-up and wardrobe people should not quit their day jobs.


It takes a really bad film to make me want to switch off and this is the first in a long time. The plot line and special effects were 1980s quality and I was disappointed in the acting of Edward Furlong. It's the first time I've seen Chandra West and I did rate her efforts, although they weren't enough to drag this film up to any appreciative level.

Not Michael Madsen's best work either, although he's not the best character actor in the business, his skills as a "baddie" were never really exploited in the first half of this film - that's for sure. For a film to be this bad, you have to look at the Director. Either his budget was small or he wants to remain as anonymous as his films are!

Waste your time on something else, but not on this film!


Looking at the IMDb-page I noticed that the current grade of this movie is a 3. After even more research, I found out that 24 people voted a 10/10 for this movie. All I have to say about that is these people must have been on some very crazy drugs...

This movie is horrible, but this movie is so stupid and crap that it makes you search for new ways to describe its level of shittyness. The plot of this mess makes as much sense as making a movie about killer tooth-picks or something. The acting is almost to the point where its nonexistent. If I would walk onto the street and ask a random person to act like he was possessed I would probably get better results then the acting being performed in this movie. The thought that the people starring in this movie even got paid is simply mindboggling to me.

Whatever you thought this movie was going to be like when you saw the title or saw the poster or anything is not true. Its not some hidden gem of a movie that rarely people speak about, Its a waste of time and it holds no entertainment value.

Oh wait, scratch that. Those special effects were kinda funny...


This is a truly sad display of movie-making from those behind it. Furlong is laughable as the lead, the supporting cast looks like they're choking back laughter half the time, and the slumming of Michael Madsen continues. There are so many plot holes in this 'horror' film, I found myself wondering what the heck the characters were thinking when they did certain things. The special effects are not horrible, but they're only propping up a really bad script. Whoever the wardrobe director on this thing was should be banned from filmmaking for a long time. Furlong's suits look like they were tailored for someone 4 or 5 sizes larger than he is. I watched this for free on late night TV when I couldn't sleep and I still regret losing those agonizing hours of my life. Avoid this garbage. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Canes – The Covenant is about love overcoming the temptations of evil. Furlong is a PR guy married to West who is blinded by a thug and given a devil cane that allows him to see again for a price. He is indoctrinated into a secret covenant of evil whose members all have the devil canes and are trying to bring on the end of the world. He becomes more evil over time doing some nasty stuff and eventually the covenant demands that he kill his wife who learns the truth about the canes. Can Furlong overcome the temptations of evil and power and stop. A good Canadian film with effective casting and a good plot with some OK special effects.


I gave this movie 2 stars instead of only 1 because I expected a horror movie, but got a comedy instead! The most horrifying character in the movie is Edward Furlong's over-sized suit. It was so ridiculous, it became a character of its own. Even when he starts to make more money, the suits actually get worse.

Although this movie has no chance of ever being good, it would have been much better with no special effects at all. Every snarl of the cane was at best a laugh, if not a cringe.

If you *must* watch this movie, do so with a glass of beer and a sense of humor. You're going to need it.


The acting is bad. The main actor puts on a flat performance that entirely failed to convince me that it was anything more than an actor going through the motions. He did not show remorse when he spoke of it, though he played out the arrogant bits OK, as is he conveyed this puny little loser-man finding himself with more power than he knows what to do with. But he never explores the regret of the evil things he is made to do. Every scene seemed emotionally disconnected from the last. The supporting acting is not any better. the story is lame; Evil magic item possesses its owner to do bad things. It's been so overdone and there is no original new twist to redeem the worn out plot line. None of the characters have any traits to draw you in and make you care about them at all. The special effects were so-so. Don't waste your time on this one.