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TV Series / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
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Jonathan Walker,John O'Hurley,Brenda Strong
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TV Series
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Scorch was a 1300-year-old dragon who lived with TV weatherman Brian and his daughter Jessica. Scorch could talk, and appeared with Brian on his news program posing as a ventriloquist's dummy. Scorch would make jokes during Brian's weather forecasts. No one knew Scorch's real identity. {locallinks-homepage}
Complete series cast summary:
Jonathan Walker Jonathan Walker - Brian Stevens 6 episodes, 1992
John O'Hurley John O'Hurley - Howard Gurman 6 episodes, 1992
Brenda Strong Brenda Strong - Allison King 6 episodes, 1992
Rhea Silver-Smith Rhea Silver-Smith - Jessica Stevens 6 episodes, 1992
Todd Susman Todd Susman - Jack Fletcher 6 episodes, 1992
Ronn Lucas Ronn Lucas - Scorch (voice / - 6 episodes, 1992
Rose Marie Rose Marie - Mrs. Edna Bracken 2 episodes, 1992

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It's only now, after recently re-discovering the comedy stylings of puppet master Ronn Lucas, that I have begun re-embracing Ronn's most popular regular character, Scorch the Teenage Dragon. Scorch's origins, per Ronn's website are as follows:

Scorch was developed by Ronn in 1983, while he was driving to a comedy gig in San Francisco. At the time, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was playing the Cow Palace, and had as its main attraction something called "The Living Unicorn." This fascinated Ronn; and he soon thought: what if mythological beings from the past could interact with the mortals of today's world? In that light, the character of Scorch the Teenage Dragon was born. Eventually, Scorch and Ronn became top draws in comedy clubs across the U.S. --- until the late 1980's when Ronn was approached by an executive with Britain's Thames Television who soon suggested the idea for a weekly variety show, to be hosted by Ronn, with Scorch as the main star.

"The Ronn Lucas Show Starring Scorch" ran for 5 seasons on Thames before the British Government bought out the licensing agreements for all of the nation's ITV networks. By 1990, this move effectively put Thames out of business, forcing Ronn and Scorch back to the States. In 1991, writer/producer Allan Katz, in partnership with executive producers Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, and production legend Edgar J. Scherick, did a development deal with Ronn and Scorch. They loved the dragon; but they considered the human to be a little on the so-so side. Wasting no time, they licensed the rights for Scorch to CBS, and the storyline for a series was soon put into the planning stages. The resulting sitcom, entitled simply "Scorch," aired on CBS from February 28th to March 13th, 1992, shortly after the 1992 Winter Olympics.

In the story, Scorch goes to bed on the night of September 19th, 1892, only to reawaken a century later. The night is dismal, but Scorch decides it's a perfect night for flying. Wrong. The dragon is soon struck by lightning while hovering over New Haven, Connecticut; his crash landing marks his introduction to the Stevens family. Brian, the family patriarch (portrayed by Jonathan Walker), is constantly on the move while seeking a job; his recent divorce has seriously impacted the life patterns of Brian's 13-year-old daughter Jessica (Rhea Silver-Smith). Taking pity on their dragon discovery, Brian and Jessica decide to keep Scorch. Next morning, Brian is interviewed by Jack Fletcher (Todd Susman), general manager at WWEN-TV. Seems they're looking for a guy to do the weather for their afternoon news thing, 'New Haven at Noon.' At first, Brian fails to land the job, but leave it to Scorch to save the day. Jack quickly assumes that Brian is in fact a ventriloquist, and that Scorch is his dummy --- and before long, the two are immediately hired to join 'New Haven at Noon' anchors Allison King (Brenda Strong) and Howard Gurman (John O'Hurley, pre-"Seinfeld").

For a 1300-year-old dragon, Scorch doesn't look a day over 12 (give or take an aeon). Alas, Ronn never got credit for his contribution to the show; and, per Variety's not-so-rave review, the plot too closely resembled that of NBC's already popular "ALF," which itself was about to be cancelled. After airing the last of the six episodes they'd originally ordered, CBS pulled the plug on the Scorch project. Wimps!

I would love to see the full six episodes on DVD, if at all possible: it occurs to me that Ronn and Scorch have the full potential to appeal to the kids (the sitcom's apparent target audience); unfortunately, the combination gimmick idea --- that of cashing in on the science fiction element combined with rehashing the basic elements of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"'s WJM-TV newsroom sequences --- are somewhat unfavorable, at least in terms of both conception and execution. Still, the largely unknown cast plays off Ronn and Scorch with hilarious imagination; more, Scorch himself provides each of the show's six episodes with a jolly, wisecracking languor --- the type you don't get on a sitcom in this day and age.

Today, Ronn Lucas lives and performs in Las Vegas, where he shares his life with Scorch; his first puppet star, Buffalo Billy; the Harley-loving punk puppet Chuck Roast --- and many, many fans. One such fan, London-based Debbie Quince, has created her own website which, like Ronn's own pages, preserves the memory of both of Scorch's TV series, American and British versions .... along with the latest info regarding this legendary dragon ..... a dragon whose story is only now beginning to re-surface. I just hope somebody takes a chance on Ronn Lucas and his puppet pals and decides to let them (and especially Scorch) return to the limelight soon.

Scorch, The Movie? Hey, it could happen!


This is just my two cents worth here. My daughter used to love watching this show. She had just gotten out of the hospital, at 7 years old, and loves these type of shows. We managed to tape it on VHS, but we only managed to get a couple of the shows. We were pretty upset that it was cancelled. She is now 25, and she now lets her 4 year old watch it and she loves it also! I always liked Scorch, and I hope o be able to get all the episodes on DVD. I wish they would bring it back with more episodes! We need more charming and funny and whimsical shows like this on the air, compared to all the violent shows you see, with drugs and violence.
I'm a Russian Occupant

I'm a Russian Occupant

Scorch was an awesome little dragon - he was a puppet like character (kind of like alf) that lived with a weather forecaster and his daughter.He originated on the match game and got his own series! Sadly it lasted only 6 episodes ( i believe only 3 aired in the states) but he was funny original and totally adorable - a rival to baby dinosaur!!the best episode is where he caught Dragon Flu!!! A CBS Treasure!!!


I'd have to disagree with you I was a big time fan of Alf too but I thought this show was hilarious...I still don't understand why they took it off the air.

I don't see how people like you thought it wasn't a good show. So what they used some of the same jokes....most of the shows no-a-days use the same jokes over and over again.

So to conclude this show was a hilarious show, and they should think about making another show that is similar to this one. I guarantee if they decided to make another show that was similar to "Scorch" it would be a hit!
black coffe

black coffe

I don't know what's your beef about this show, Ira, but I enjoyed it when I was 10. Scorch is a lot different than Alf because the latter isn't that funny at all.

This puppet was so hilarious to the point that he's a little annoying.. but still funny. The show doesn't rely on slapstick but on constant punchline exchanges from Scorch and Brian, then Scorch and Howard... especially Howard and that's the thing that makes it spectacular! I was laughing my butt off whenever he ridiculed Howard on the set and made him choke on the anchorman's attempt to be a smart ass! Hope you'll try watching the show again, Ira (I said try). Maybe it'd change your mind... or maybe not. In any case, I just hope this show gets released on DVD! I'm willing to shell out my hard earned cash just to get a chance to relive the moment. If Pirate 1 knows how to grab a copy (I hope it's on a compact disc), please do write me. Thanks!


My God, this was a dreadful show. For some reason, I watched two of the three episodes that aired and was mortified by each. I was 13 at the time and a fan of ALF, so I looked forward to what looked to be a show with a similar premise. Instead I got a blatant, albeit toothless, rip-off. That damn dragon was the most irksome TV puppet since Elmo, and the writers used the same jokes over and over. I recall an exchange along these lines:

Scorch: "Well, I could stay here with you." Dad: "Stay here with us?" Scorch: "Thanks, that's so kind of you!"

Later that episode they pulled the exact same gag with "Sleep in my bed?" and in the second episode I believe it was "Go to work with me?" Pretty funny stuff, huh? Not to beat a dead dragon, but this was the worst prime time television program I have ever watched.


Sure, the concept had already been done with Alf and the Charmings: thrust modern society onto one or more out-of-place characters. But I loved both shows and watched them religiously until they ended in 1990. When I learned about Scorch, I was actually very hopeful for something new, as new TV in the 90's so far hadn't impressed me (but at least Star Trek: TNG and the Simpsons were still going).

What I got was a big disappointment. The acting was awful, but considering the ridiculous dialogue and wholly unbelievable writing, I can't blame them too much for what they had to work with. There were a few humorous moments, but most of the deliberate jokes seemed forced in their delivery. The whole production work on the show seemed too low-budget for what was on TV at the time. In the 80's it would have fit right in.

Still, it was the first episode and had to introduce the characters and establish the entire premise of the series, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. The second episode wasn't as bad, and I started to get my hopes back that once it got into its stride, the show would improve. Sadly, my VCR ended up not recording the third episode aired, I never got to see it, and the series disappeared from the TV listings after that. All I have now are the first two episodes recorded off the air onto a VHS tape.


Out of the two shows that took place in New Haven, CT ("The Mike O'Malley Show" was the other), "Scorch" was the better one, and that's not saying much. Scorch was a dragon who landed in the window of a New Haven TV weatherman who then brought Scorch to his audition for some reason. Scorch started talking and thinking fast, the guy pretends that he's a ventriloquist, and no one ever catches on. Scorch also bonds with the guy's daughter (and sets his furniture on fire), and the three of them end up sleeping in the same bed at the end of the first episode, and the daughter can't sleep because of Scorch's snoring, which we get to see during the end credits. I think I only watched the first episode of this show, which was followed by "Fish Police". Neither lasted very long, only 3 episodes I think, beating "O'Malley" by one.