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Angels with Angles (2005) Online

Angels with Angles (2005) Online
Original Title :
Angels with Angles
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Scott Edmund Lane
Cast :
Julie Carmen,Frank Gorshin,Scott Edmund Lane
Writer :
Scott Edmund Lane,Mark Pietri
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 27min
Rating :
Angels with Angles (2005) Online

An Angel Level 1 named George Burns wants to be reunited with his long lost love, Gracie Allen, who resides at Level 6. In order to do so he is sent on a mission by God to save a big time loser named Steven Shoomie Shoomer.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Julie Carmen Julie Carmen - Graciella
Frank Gorshin Frank Gorshin - George Burns / Shelleen
Scott Edmund Lane Scott Edmund Lane - Shoomie
David Proval David Proval - Howie Gold
Dawn Maxey Dawn Maxey - Mary
Branscombe Richmond Branscombe Richmond - El Capitan
Henry Darrow Henry Darrow - Raul
Adam West Adam West - Alfred the Butler
Jerry Mathers Jerry Mathers - Tobacconist #1
Soupy Sales Soupy Sales - Tobacconist #2
Richard Moll Richard Moll - Robert the Bartender
Dwayne Hickman Dwayne Hickman - Hotel Receptionist
Frank Stallone Frank Stallone - Elvis Presley
Amy Wieczorek Amy Wieczorek - Gracie Allen
Zelda Rubinstein Zelda Rubinstein - Zelda, God's Assistant

The last film for both Rodney Dangerfield and Soupy Sales.

Dwayne Hickman's character name, "Maynard G. Gillis", is a combination of "Dobie Gillis" and "Maynard G. Krebs". Dwayne played "Dobie" and the late Bob Denver played "Maynard" in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959).

Frank Gorshin's last live action movie.

Soupy Sales' last feature film.

User reviews



Like It's A Wonderful Life this is one of those films that may be ignored upon first release. It will become a very cherished and beloved motion picture over time. The music is great. The make up is fantastic. Frank GOrshin in a dual role is brilliant. The whole move is kind of like the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover come to life. The cast of characters are fantastic. George Burns. Grouch Marx. Harpo. Chico. Marilyn Monroe. EInstein. Elvis. Jack Benny. WC Fields. And of course ROdney Dangerfiel as GOd. The movie also features Soupy Sales, RIchard Moll, Dwayne Hickman and other classic TV starts. The film is about redemption of the human spirit. The main character goes from an alcoholic to an open and caring man. David Proval is fantastic.



I really enjoyed it. I think it is one that everyone will react differently depending on age..........

Always enjoy Branscombe Richmond in anything. Don't know Benny Wasserman. He did a great job as Albert Einstein.

But as an avid ALBERT BROOKS fan it would have been great to see Einstein's back and then have him turn around and there is AB playing that part. Not that he would have done it but after his great appearance at the Oscars last year in the WHITE CHICKS segment, he might have. (forgive this comment but,,,,,,,, Albert Brooks was born Albert Einstein and changed his name sometime after high school: For obvious reasons. There still seem to be people surprised at his name.)