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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Escape from Leprechaupolis (2000–2015) Online

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Escape from Leprechaupolis (2000–2015) Online
Original Title :
Escape from Leprechaupolis
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Matt Maiellaro,Dave Willis
Cast :
Dana Snyder,Carey Means,Dave Willis
Writer :
Matt Maiellaro,Dave Willis
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Escape from Leprechaupolis (2000–2015) Online

Dr. Weird creates a machine which makes rainbows. The machine is then stolen (or found) by two leprechauns. They send messages over the Internet, luring people to the park with the promise of gold. Frylock doesn't fall for it; Carl does. The Aqua Teens intervene to force the leprechaun thieves out of business.
Episode complete credited cast:
Dana Snyder Dana Snyder - Master Shake (voice)
Carey Means Carey Means - Frylock (voice)
Dave Willis Dave Willis - Meatwad / Carl Brutananadilewski (voice)
C. Martin Croker C. Martin Croker - Dr. Weird / Steve (voice)
Andy Merrill Andy Merrill - Merle (voice)
Scott Hilley Scott Hilley - Flargan (voice)

User reviews



The Aquateens got an Email from the Leperchauns so they can get rich and get gold. Carl get sucked into the rainbow and landed in the park with the Leperchauns. The Leperchauns starts to attack Carl and mugged him. Master Shake had a plan. He makes Meatwad disguise as a man. And the rainbow shows up and took Shake away. After that Shake finds all the junk that the Leperchauns mugged people with. Frylock and Meatwad found Shake. Shake found Carl's chain on his straw and the Leperchauns escaped. And the rainbow took Carls house. The Leperchauns finally has their Dreamhouse. I think that episode is excellent. And it's also great. I give this episode 10 Perfect!!!