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White Gold Close Encounters (2017– ) Online

White Gold Close Encounters (2017– ) Online
Original Title :
Close Encounters
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Damon Beesley
Cast :
Ed Westwick,James Buckley,Joe Thomas
Writer :
Damon Beesley,Damon Beesley
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
White Gold Close Encounters (2017– ) Online

Vincent is visited by formidable tax inspector Miss Barnes, whom he is anxious to avoid, leading him to invest in pirate video sales. Meanwhile Brendan, the firm's fitter, talks Brian into photographing his teen-aged daughter Donna for a competition for a sleazy tabloid, prompting Brian to establish his own soft porn company with Martin's reluctant help. Martin finds himself as Miss Barnes' unwitting sex partner, which partially vindicates Vincent but lands Brian with a tax bill when his videos are discovered.
Episode complete credited cast:
Ed Westwick Ed Westwick - Vincent Swan
James Buckley James Buckley - Brian Fitzpatrick
Joe Thomas Joe Thomas - Martin Lavender
Linzey Cocker Linzey Cocker - Sam Swan
Lauren O'Rourke Lauren O'Rourke - Carol
Nigel Lindsay Nigel Lindsay - Tony Walsh
Lorraine Bruce Lorraine Bruce - Miss Barnes
Lee Ross Lee Ross - Ronnie
Lloyd Hutchinson Lloyd Hutchinson - Brendan
Saffron Hocking Saffron Hocking - Miss Lyndsey
Charlie-Lou Borthwick Charlie-Lou Borthwick - Natalie (as Charlee-Lou Borthwick)
Bobby Smalldridge Bobby Smalldridge - Robbie
Jennifer Brooke Jennifer Brooke - Donna
David Hemsted David Hemsted - Photographer
Gareth Tunley Gareth Tunley - Shaw Taylor

Vincent's trip with the family to a theme park was filmed at Adventure Island in Southend in front of the Pharaohs Ride. The Crooked house can be seen clearly in the background.

User reviews



I did wonder how they would sustain a series of dodgy double glazing salesmen. This episode expands the brief a little and is rather a lot of fun although some of the 1980s soundtrack is all over the place.

The taxwoman is after Vincent Swan, he does not believe in paying taxes and she is rather dogged. It does mean Swan has to spend more time with his kids at home and taking them to the school musical where he gets friendly with the nice teacher.

Fitzpatrick meanwhile gets involved in soft porn with Brendan's daughter but some home viewers get an eyeful when they watch a pirated copy of ET.

Poor Lavender he has to help Swan out by taking out the taxwoman, he pays a hefty bill for it.


This episode took Vincent from the conniving salesman bit to an all out conman, fraud and cheater, both on his taxes and his wife. I didn't love that, but it surely was entertaining.

The porno bits were a little weird, but sometimes comedy does need to get awkward to be funny. This certainly hit a 10 on the awkward scale.