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Ein frommer Schwur (1912) Online

Ein frommer Schwur (1912) Online
Original Title :
Giuramento pietoso
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
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Ein frommer Schwur (1912) Online

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A picture occupying about a reel and a half and giving a clearly told and not very dramatic love story. We failed to get interested in any character in it. even the hero who commits suicide in the end. He had been shot in trying to protect his uncle (the girl's father). The doctor, loved by the girl, had pronounced him mortally wounded. The girl took pity on him (he was her cousin) and promised to marry him, if he got well. The doctor performs an operation and the youth is on the road to recovery. The ending is artificial and also unpleasant. Acted and photographed in good style, and with some beautiful scenes, the offering will be acceptable to a great many spectators. - The Moving Picture World, August 23, 1913