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Walker, Texas Ranger One Riot, One Ranger (1993–2001) Online

Walker, Texas Ranger One Riot, One Ranger (1993–2001) Online
Original Title :
One Riot, One Ranger
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Western
Year :
Directror :
Virgil W. Vogel
Cast :
Chuck Norris,Clarence Gilyard Jr.,Gailard Sartain
Writer :
Leigh Chapman,Albert S. Ruddy
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Walker, Texas Ranger One Riot, One Ranger (1993–2001) Online

Among the issues Walker has to deal with include a new partner named Trivette, a group of men terrorizing a circus family who camp out at his home, and some bad guys who plan on the ultimate bank caper.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Chuck Norris Chuck Norris - Cordell Walker
Clarence Gilyard Jr. Clarence Gilyard Jr. - James Trivette (as Clarence Gilyard)
Gailard Sartain Gailard Sartain - C.D. Parker
Sheree J. Wilson Sheree J. Wilson - Alex Cahill
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman - Uncle Ray Firewalker
Marshall R. Teague Marshall R. Teague - Orson Wade (as Marshall Teague)
Elya Baskin Elya Baskin - Misha
Rhoda Gemignani Rhoda Gemignani - Yelena
James Drury James Drury - Captain Tom Price
Marco Perella Marco Perella - Cobalt
Steve Ruge Steve Ruge - Bob Mobley (as Steven Ruge)
Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree - Ernie Simon
Charles Mooneyhan Charles Mooneyhan - Dave Black
Deborah Dawn Slaboda Deborah Dawn Slaboda - Lisa Edwards (as Deborah Slaboda)
Tommy Townsend Tommy Townsend - Lamar

Sole appearance of Gailard Sartain as C.D. Parker. The character was later portrayed by Noble Willingham.

In addition to driving a GMC truck and a Dodge Ram Walker also drove a Ford Bronco.

User reviews



A very explosive start to the long-running action-series that lasted eight years so therefore which means the creators must have done something right. The very first scene sees our main protagonist Cordell Walker (played by long-time action star Chuck Norris) a Texas lawman, riding his GMC truck across the border, alone, to take out some vicious bank robbers the old-fashioned way, beating them up with his martial arts expertise which make for the best introduction in T.V history. The main plot involves the murder of Walker's partner who was blatantly shot during a bank robbery gone awry. Walker, along with a new, hip, modern partner named James Trivette (Clarence Gilyard Jr.), set out to investigate a spree of similar robberies occurring in the area and find clues which will lead them to the mastermind behind the robberies and also the same mastermind who murdered said partner. A side-plot also includes a young circus performer confiding in Walker as she was the recent victim of a sexual assault committed by three rapists but as soon as the rapists run into Walker, we get a classic beat-down scene of Walker man-handling each of the rapists and even breaking one of their noses. Other characters we are introduced to in the pilot are Walker's friend C.D Parker(played here by Gailard Sartain), a retired Texas Ranger who now owns a bar, and Alex Cahill (Sheree J. Wilson), an assistant district attorney who shares a few flirty moments with Walker before they become stronger in later episodes.

Other notable performances in this pilot are Marshall Teague who wonderfully plays our main bad guy who sets out to rob four banks at one time with his men, and Marco Perella who plays Cobalt, a minor con-man who's knowledge of guns gets him slightly connected with the real baddies and Trivette wonderfully gets the proper information out of him because there was a backstory between Trivette and Cobalt in which Cobalt blames Trivette for a bunch of snakes entering his apartment although Trivette never admits to this but either way he uses Cobalt's fear of him to his advantage. Overall, a great episode and a great start as Walker proves that it only takes one ranger to stop a riot.


Unrecognized as one of the best pilots in the history of American television, and one of the best episodes of this series, 'One Riot, One Ranger' conveys the heart and soul of "Walker, Texas Ranger" and illustrates that there was more to this series than Chuck Norris beating-up thugs and lowlifes.

The pilot of this series is a must-see for anybody who appreciates this show. Nobody who has a sour opinion of this show has seen the pilot and given it a fair chance. The pacing is flawless and this pilot features the perfect amount of character development, which leaves viewers adequately acquainted with the characters.

Some of the best plot points in this episode include Walker helping a young girl get her life back after being the victim of sexual assault, Walker and Trivette becoming excellent partners, and Walker avenging the murder of his previous partner. Every scene fits in the episode perfectly.